50 Ways How to  Make money as an Evangelist

50 Ways How to  Make money as an Evangelist | How Can Churches Make Money


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How to make money as an evangelist

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There are various commitment ways and methods church can used to generate money and how you can make money as an evangelist, I say it do not depend on any members for your financial needs, find some unique business to do either online or offline and earn massively.

Gear up and looking for a positive Business you can start online as a pastor, once your church is not generate enough income, so you are to look for alternatives option, do not turn yourself to a beggar,

it is good to have self esteem as a evangelist, there are Christians home based business opportunities  or religion business ideas you start and make money as an evangelist.

How pastors make money there are some home-based business ideas that you can start as a pastor, the business might require huge capital from you, or little capital, do not fold your hand and depend on your members always, people are not sowing much more nowadays.

How can churches make money church can make money from numerous ways, churches Can make money from donation, start a school, build a hall for various events, start a poultry farm, start a bottle water company, open a grocery store etc.

Side jobs for pastors there are a lot simple or side job for pastor, small scale business that you can do and will help you cater for your family, and have financial freedom, and live a convenient life.

Online jobs for pastors there are various available job online for pastor, that can makes you a millionaire, but the business required great thinking with positive innovation.

How to start a ministry without money ministry is not a business centre, where you do buying and selling according to the scripture, you must start gospel work willingly without seeking money but how various life can be save.

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50 Ways How to  Make money as an Evangelist | How Can Churches Make Money

Start a bottle water company

It is a profitable business ideas for evangelist, the business is lucrative and required maximum capital, production plant, conduct solid market research, it is a business that is trending a lot, because water is very compulsory in our daily life.

Open a computer training centre

It is another side jobs for pastor that can earn a living, if you are skillful in the field of computer or you are a computer literate as pastor, you can get a shop and start a computer training centre for youth that needs to be computer literate.

Start a nursery and primary school

It is another business that can makes you a millionaire, the business dealing with passing of knowledge to various learner, the business demand enough capital, well ventilated location, skillful and qualify teachers.

Start a pharmacy business

Start a pharmacy business it is a unique business in health sectors, if you a evangelist or pastor that study any health related course in the University, you can start a pharmacy, but the business have strict law guiding the agency under government.

Start a grocery store

It is a grocery store is another unique business ideas for pastor or free money for pastor, starting a store that comprises or sell various home product or cooking materials.

Start a Restaurant Business

It is another positive business you can start, but required capital, good commercial location, solid business plan, study your competitors, generate new ideas to win, so the business is profitable.

Master of Ceremony (MC)

It is like a public communication skills that is done in a wedding programme, birthday party, conference, social gathering, churches, it is a good business ideas for pastor that can take up the job.

Start a Poultry farm

You can start a business that deals with rearing various domestic animals, you can start fish poultry farm, birds poultry  farm, pig poultry farm, cow poultry farm and earn a lot of cash.

Open a clothing clothing boutique

It is wonderful business ideas for pastor or evangelist of faith, you can start a boutique that sell Christian related clothing, suit, gown, bags, traveling bags etc. The business required capital investment and good location and solid market research.

Start a nursing home Business

It is a business that deals with taking care of elderly people or people with special needs, it is a lucrative business that need good ventilated environment and good building structure and capital investment.

Open a bookshop

A bookshop a place where different types of books on various topic and subjects are been sold, it is another business ideas for evangelist, the business will fetch minimal income to cater for your daily and monthly needs.

To become a Chef

If you as a skillful cook and you have attended various culinary school, you have a great chance to start a chef business, the business is very extremely profitable, but it required to know all the details and total amount of skill in the business.

Create Various Unique Bible Story

Develop various unique topic from the Bible and add various unique picture with the topic and  stories and sell them at your church and make more income.

Open a Christian bookstore

Open a Christian bookstore like a store that sell various Christian books e.g. bible, hymns book, bible study books, bible charts, unique book written by various well known pastor etc.


Pastor and evangelist always have a good teaching skills, so if you are a well trained teacher, you can start tutoring Business, like teaching student or pupils extra moral lesson physically or digitally, and earn massively in return.


It is good profitable business ideas that require commitment, writing unique contents, link building, positive keyword research, the business can fetch million of dollar, but remember that Roman was not build in a day. Success do not come too easily but hard work pays.

Become a Christmas tree farmer

Though the business is seasonal but it is also profitable during the Christmas season, get a well good land, and start planting Christmas tree, the business is also good and can help generate income to cater for your financial needs.

You Can Start a Absentee Business

It is a unique business that required capital investment, but the business does not required your present, but you will hire expert or professional that will run and manage the business for you successfully.

Start a YouTube channel

It is another profitable business deep down, you can start a YouTube as pastor and earn massively, choose a unique Christian Niche and develop positive videos on the topic in the niche and earn a lot of cash.

Become a app developer

If you are a skillful programmer as a pastor you can start a app developing business online, develop app for your client and sell them to make more money. It is a profitable online business for pastor.


It is a profitable business that deal with content writing, proofreading, creating unique images, building back link, guest posting, it is a business that can make you a millionaire, but commitment is required from you if you want to succeed in the business.

Homeless shelter Business

It is a business that cater for needed or a homeless person, the business required capital, the capital will gotten from various donation.

Affiliate Marketers

It is a business that deals with selling of various types of products for biggest establish business organization like amazon, you will register with them, and earn a commission each and every time someone buy a product though your links.

Open a Cafe

Open a Cafe centre where you offer the services of printing, photocopying, typing, carry out research project for student, so the business require capital investment and good portable center.

Open a Frozen Food shop

It is a creative business ideas for pastor you can start a frozen food shop, no food for a lazy man, do not depend on anyone on your financial needs, a shop that offer the services of frozen fish, meat, chicken and turkey etc.

Open a Home Gadget Shop

It is a business that deals with selling home equipment like radio, stereo, speakers, television, digital cable channel decoder, iron, fan, air condition etc.

Start a Guidance and Counselling Business

It is a business that deals with teaching individuals how to overcome life challenges, and also how to live a good honest and health life, how to changes from negative life to positive.

Start a Music School

It is school where an individuals are taught how to sing and play or handle musical instruments, it is a profitable business ideas for pastor or evangelist who is skills in the field of music.

Become a Investors

So you can become a investor as a pastor, you can easily invest your savings to any well established business at global market and earn massively.

Start a Seminary School

it is like a Bible school that teaches various pastor, evangelist, prophet all basic biblical principles and law guiding the Christian faith, the school of pastor, the school gives pastor insight and ideas to manage and run church successfully.

Final Thought

Finally be courageous and never ever depend on anyone on your financial needs, church is not a business centre, but where to refined and change and correct souls, be smart as a pastor and find a positive job that can assist your home.

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