50 Unique Small Businesses Ideas Opportunities in Fiji

50 Unique Small Businesses Ideas Opportunities in Fiji

Are you thinking on how to start s business in Fiji republic, Fiji it is a country that is located at Oceania continent, not that far from New Zealand with over 900,000 population, there fertile land is good in sugar cane planting.

There are various mirco and small business grant in Fiji as a Fiji citizen there is a grants from government that you can used to start small business in Fiji,  Fiji itself is a blessed nation.

So as entrepreneur in Fiji there small business ideas in Fiji that can fetch daily income and good standard of living, a business that will drive poverty away from your precious life.

Also in this post will also explains how to invest money in Fiji or what are the best unique business you can invest your money to in Fiji, we will get them in this post.

So in this post I will explains sole trader business in Fiji and online business in Fiji.

Unique Small Businesses Ideas Opportunities in Fiji | How to Invest Money in Fiji

Airport Shuttle Business

It is a unique business ideas you can start in Fiji, it deals with transporting guest from the airport to either their destination or to a hotel with their personal belongings like luggage etc.

Bottled Water Production Company

It is another smart business, it is profitable business that require good location, cost of production, solid capital, and also manpower to succeed in the business. Read more

Sugar Production Company

According to research the main occupation in Fiji that generate annually income is from tourism and sugar plantation, start a sugar production is also good, but the business required a lot if want to win.

Abalone Farming

Abalone farming deal with about seafood like shellfish, Fiji tend to have a lot river, abalone farming is a small scale river side business.

Acupuncture Clinic

The business is originate from China, it is a tactical method Involves in uses of needle on the body for various treatment of illness in the body.

Fruit Shake Production Company

It is another good business, Fiji is a country blessed with various fruit, so fruit shake business deal with selling blending fruit into raw juice and sell it to make money.

Equipment Leasing Store

Equipment leasing store it is a unique business ideas that can fetch solid income in Fiji on daily basis, but the business required a solid capital to get all required equipment and lending them out to make money, various equipment can be lend out in Fiji.

Fishing Boat Charter Business

It is a business that render or lend out fishing boat to fishermen for fishing, tour and some other activities, etc. It is a profitable business in Fiji.

Bread and Breakfast Business

It is lucrative business, that is not up to the standard of hotel, you can used your homes to start a bread and breakfast business.

Motivational Speaking Company

Starting a motivational speaking business it is a business that required boldness and how to present good meaningful speech in public without shaking. Start the Business now and trained an individual. Read more.

Bus Transportation Business

It is another positive business, the business is so adorable and unique, it is one of the fastest means of transportation in fiji.

Karaoke Bar

It is a profitable business that deal with amateur singer sing at  a local bar, if you know you are amateur singer in Fiji, karaoke bar profitable business that can fetch you daily income massively.

Electronic Repair Shop

Electronic Repair shop if you are skills electronics, I mean you went up for various electronic school, and gotten required knowledge to start repairing home gadget, you can start a electronic repair shop. Read more.

Logging Company

A company that specialize in lending out equipment used for cutting tree and vehicle that will be used to transport them to saw mill etc.

Beach Bar

Portable beach bar business, it is lucrative business, Fiji tend to receive a lot of visitors on yearly basis, so as a entrepreneur you find a good location on beach to set up your bar business properly.

Fish Hatchery Business

Fish hatchery business it is business venture that require nursing baby fish and sell them when they are a little mature and make more money.

Football/Sports Viewing Center

Sport view centre is another small scale business you can start in Fiji, especially during the weekend that to be a lot of matches fixture across Europe, Asia and North America.

Ayurveda Clinic

Ayurveda clinic it is traditional clinic settings that originated from India, which deals with balancing the body, if you have the required skills to start the business you can go ahead, anything related to health must be handle with strict hands.

Yoga Studio

Yoga studio is another lucrative business that deals with soul, mind, body, patience etc. It is teaching that resemble soft exercise of the soul, it is portable business and can fetch you cash.

Cyber Café

Cyber Cafe it is a business opportunity that opening a shop with various computer connected to internet, their student that needed computer access to internet for various purposes like research, etc.

Computer Sales and Servicing Shop

It is a profitable business that require solid capital investment in other to import computer and sell them, and servicing computer is another skill jobs.

Food Truck Business

Food Truck business, it is business opportunities ideas that thrive in Fiji, it is a mobile business that will sell well.

Sporting Goods Retail Store

It is a business that require capital, good location, proper business plan,  capital to get all necessary sports materials. The business is booming in Fiji.

Tourism Guide

It is business, tourist guide is a unique business ideas that require as guidance to guide tourist to important side or location, and explaining the nature of Fiji to visitors.

Pizza Shop 

It is like a fast food business, Pizza is a Italian food eaten by all, so it is a business that will trend fast at very angle in Fiji.

Open a Private Hospital

Open a private hospital health care center are high demand in Fiji, it is business that required a well trained professional doctor, nurses, to start the business you needed to attend various international health school and acquire necessary skills for the business.

Ready – Made Garment Manufacturing

It is a clothing line business, that require a land, good land in a commercial centre, equipment such machines, raw material needed and also manpower  and capital.

Snail Farming Business

It is a small scale business that require no capital at all, but nail needed and well good environment to live, and provide with food, it is a small side business.

Sport Betting and Lottery Business

Sport betting and lottery business it is a business that required capital, open a website to run the business, public promotion etc. But the business is quite profitable.

Gold and Copper Mining Company

Gold and copper mining company it is a business that can make you a millionaire if you invest and plan the business properly. It is one of the most profitable business so far.

Taxi Company

Taxi company if you are financial capable you can start the business it is profitable but required a solid capital to buy various car that will be use to run and manage the business and also manpower.

Final Taught

Carry out more solid research, that will lead to more innovation ideas to start and run a business of your choice successfully.

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