50 Unique Side Business For Pharmacist

50 Unique Side Business For Pharmacist | Community pharmacy business ideas

Pharmacy is a shop or stores where you can get all kinds of drugs or medicine, and the business is wonderful if you plan the business well,

and can generate you million of dollar and make bigger success from the business, so there are pharmacist looking for related business that is not far from pharmacy business,

so there are side business for pharmacist or unique independent pharmacy ideas for any entrepreneurs looking for the opportunity.

So there alternatives online pharmacy ideas for pharmacy for pharmacist looking for another creative health business that will fetch them cash and more money.

There are various pharmacist business opportunities that you can start with little capital or more, light or closer business to pharmacy or health business that will makes earn more and generate you more profit.

We have various pharmacy niche ideas in this post that will enlighten you what alternatives pharmacy business you can choose that help and improve your life.

So in this post I will explains all necessary steps or best side business for pharmacist and pharmacy business ideas in Kenya.

50 Unique Side Business For Pharmacist | Community pharmacy business ideas

Online Pharmacy Store

It is another unique business ideas for pharmacist like me say like e-commerce  store, like you open a website and upload all sorts of drugs on them, including provision products, so buyer will buy drug through your store and get it deliver to their doorsteps.

Vitamin Retailing

It is another alternative business that deals with selling of various vitamins, e.g. multivitamins, blood tonic, Folic acids, fatty acids, vitamins E, and all other sorts of vitamin it is another business that related to pharmacy business.

Start a Pharmacy Coaching Center

But it will be advisable for you to have a pharmacy store first before you can start a pharmacy coaching centre, because the business deal with teaching a trainee various Drugs, there names and how the drugs works.

Wholesale Distribution of Medicines

It is another unique business that deals with selling drugs in larger scale to retailers, is either you produce the drugs in larger quantities or buy them in larger quantities and sell them to smaller store or the right customers.

Medical Store

It is store that offer small clinic service to clients, so a person that will start a medical stores must be a trained doctor or nurse, and the business will required solid permit and license, you cannot just start the business anyhow.

First Aid Box Retailing

It is another unique business that deals with selling of first aid box kits to Various organization, that need the box, the business is awesome, and require solid capital investment and proper public awareness.

Mobile Pharmacy

It is a movable drugs selling business, either you will used a motorcycle for the business or buy a truck to deliver drugs to your customer at their door steps, it is a mobile business ideas for pharmacist.

Rehabilitation Center

It is another business opportunities for  pharmacists that deals with individuals to live good life once again by teaching them to refrain and stop the using of hard drugs or they should not abuse any drugs at all, a center that train mind and mental thinking of drugs addict.

 24 Hours Medicine Shop

it is a medicine store that will operate for 24/7, they don’t used to close, they are always open, you go there 12:00am and get whatever drugs you want, willingly, it is another alternative opportunity for a pharmacist.

Alternative Medicine Selling

It is alternative medicine Selling business it deals with selling drugs to various channel as a pharmacist, and the business can fetch you million of cash.

Medicine Distribution

It is an act of distributing drugs to it various destination, like distributing drugs to small shop, chemist, hospital, maternity health care Centre, clinic, pharmacy etc.

Start a Healthcare Blog

It another business that deals with contents writing, and buying domain which is your blog name and a host, and write unique contents on various health topic, or what searchers are searching on Google.

Aerobics Centre

It is a business like gym business, that deals with losing fat from the body and crave for good body shapes and unique muscle, the business is profitable and alternative for pharmacist.

Manufacture Medicines

It is a profitable business that deals with producing drugs, like a pharmaceutical industry that produce drugs, the business is extremely profitable and can fetch you a lot of cash in returns if you invest properly in the business.

Manufacture Surgical Bandages

It is a business that deals producing surgical bandages, it is a materials used in health institution like hospital, health care center, maternity etc.

Medical Counseling

It is another business opportunities for pharmacists that deals with listening to your customers complains on their health issue and giving them guidance and direction that help stay healthy at all time or prescribe unique drugs for them.

Health Seminars

It is another educative health programme that can be organized by the pharmacist that deals with enlighten, teaching,  on to treat and handle some health issue without visiting hospital.

Drug Research and Development

It is a lab or health business industry that carry out various research or new development on develop unique drugs that can cure illness, or discover more advance drugs that can fight against all sorts of diseases, the business required capital and special equipment.

Cosmetics Store

It is a business that deals with selling various beauty product, like cream, powders, lotions, soaps, detergent and other beauty related products, the business is profitable and required massive capital investment, good location and solid  business plan.

Apps Developer

It is another positive business ideas that deals with developing app on drug, like app that have various drug, the meaning of the drugs, and what the drugs is meant for.

Drug Marketing

It is a act of buying and selling drugs to various health industry like hospital, pharmacy, clinic, healthcare centre, maternity, nursing home and all other health organisation.

Consultancy Services

It is a service that deal with offering a health consulting services to your clients, like how to used a drug at time, what types of drugs they can used to treat a particular illness etc.

Medical writer

It is a business that deals with owning a site that give full information on various drugs, and how the drugs works, and side effect of the drug.

Natural Home remedy

It is a business that deals with educating people how to treat Minor illness at their various home without going to the hospital, like how to handle or home remedy for some smaller illness or diseases.

Device Marketing

It is a business that deals with selling and marketing various health device to pharmacy stores, hospital, clinic, nursing home etc.

Nursing Home Business

It is another fantastic business for pharmacist, the business deal with taking care of the elderly ones or people with special needs, the business is profitable and required capital investment, good ventilated environment, solid business plan.

Open a Maternity

It is unique wonderful business that deals with taking care of pregnant woman, giving them various tips to handle pregnancy, what are healthy measure to be taken during the pregnancy and helping them to put bed.

Start a Apothecary store

It’s a drugstore where herbal drugs are made, it is another side business for pharmacist, the business is very profitable and required maximum capital investment, good business plan, license, etc.

Write Various Books, Like Where There is no Doctor, Books That Can Rural Community or Various Homes.

You can write various unique books that can help individuals handle some minor illness, and without going to hospital, or some community that does not have any doctor or nurse, the book will serve as a guide how to treat various diseases.

Start a YouTube

It’s another that you can start without capital, but just require your laptop, smart phone for recording of videos, so as a pharmacist you can discuss any health related topic on YouTube and earn massively, you can earn million from YouTube if you are committed and serious.

Start a Medical Waste Disposal Business

It is another unique profitable business that deals with disposing medical waste products, you will have a stable trunk and various manpower that will get waste from hospital, clinic, pharmacy, etc.

Final Thought

So there are various businesses opportunities for pharmacists that are health related and there are some that are not health related and those business will fetch bigger amount of cash.

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