50 Unique Opportunities for  Pharmacist in 2022

50 Unique Opportunities for  Pharmacist in 2022 | Alternatives Careers for Pharmacist

A pharmacist is a professional person that prescribed drugs to patient in hospital or health centre or a person that sell drugs at pharmacy, it is a professional job that deal with health, pharmacist is a very essential field on earth, anything concern health is taken with proper hand.

So as a pharmacist you wish to move to another or wish to change your discipline after retirement or looking for alternative career change for pharmacist or thinking of leaving pharmacy profession willingly,

All other alternatives job you can do after leaving pharmacy field will well explain in the post in a demonstrative manner.

There special topic like alternative   careers for pharmacists, I don’t want to be a pharmacist anymore,   career change from pharmacists to finance, leaving pharmacy profession, alternative careers for pharmacy technician, second   career for retired pharmacist will all be explains in this post.

In this post I will explains all necessary details needed to quit pharmacist job and start a new profession afresh.

50 Unique Opportunities for  Pharmacist in 2022 | Alternatives Careers for Pharmacist


Telepharmacist it is a business in the health field, that deal with using of telephone, like offering medical advice, drug description on telephone to various patient or client, it is a alternative for pharmacist looking for related field medical field.

Social Worker

Social worker is another alternative job you change to as a pharmacist, it is job that deals with help those that have various abuses, emotion problem, etc.

Veterinary Pharmacists

Veterinary pharmacist it is a business or job that deal with treating animals, doctor of animals, veterinary are specialist that take care of various animals like pets, wild animals, domestic animals, they can work in zoo.


Pharmacogenomics it is a medical health job that focus on genes, it is another alternative job that suit you, if you are dreaming to quit your pharmacist job.


Nutritionist are those specialist that describe how to eat, what to eat to have good healthy body, what food are danger to the body, nutritionist are those specialist that know the value of food or how food work for the body.

Medical Writing

Medical writing another alternative job you can start, it is a job that with writing various health contents and topic, either blogger, Health institution, etc. You can even set up a profile on fiveer, or upwork and make more money.


Recruiter is a business that deals with helping a employee or a job seeking find job at any health institution and earn a commission on return, for finding them qualify staff.

Product Development Scientists

Product development scientist are those specialist that work in beauty manufacturers company, or processing food company, that help in describing best ingredients or materials to used to product each and every products.

Laboratory Scientist

Laboratory scientist are those specialist that handle testing of sperm, urine, blood, sweat, that determine cause of disease and what is needed to take care of the disease.


Midwife are those specialist that handle baby delivery, it is another business you can take up and make more cash, by handle pregnant woman who are ready to put to bed.

Regulatory Affairs Officer

Regulatory affairs officer that those that handle or check if a product and service under health industry, or cosmetic industry if there product and services meet rules and regulations guiding them in a certain country, depend on the law.

Addiction Counselor

Addiction counselor, counselor are those people or specialist that teaches, advice, guide and individuals who are drug addict to reframe, change their drug addict life settings, for them to be able to live good and balance life.

Clinical Trial Supervisor

Clinical trial superior, like when first coronavirus vaccine was first produce it was first place on clinical  trials before been used by the public, clinical supervisor are those that monitored how drugs works, if it is healthy or not.

Medical Sales Representative

Medical sales representative you serve as a distributor for health or pharmaceutical companies, by distributing there drugs to clinic, hospitals, health centre, maternity and earn a solid commission in return.


Nursing is another job you change switch to as a pharmacist, you do not need to attend any nursing school but you have also have a qualification already, so stand up and apply for the job, it is another best alternative pharmacist job.

Mail Order Pharmacist

Mail order pharmacist are those specialist that mail drug with prescription to their patients, it is another best alternative to pharmacist job.

Informatics Pharmacist

Informatics pharmacist that keep various electronic record of the patients in health institution. It is an alternative for pharmacist job.


Lecturer is another alternative pharmacist, you can become a professional lecturer in various health tertiary institution, and teaches about various health subjects etc.

High School Teacher

You can become a high school teacher, it is a job that deals with refining soul, cultivate, instruct, advice, and bring about positive change in the life of learner, it is another suitable or best alternative for pharmacist job.

Mobile Crisis Specialist

Mobile crisis specialist are those that attend to emergency situation, either by providing emergency ambulance for patient, or direct patient to right hospital or clinic.


Another way to become a millionaire is through blogging, health niche is extremely profitable in blogging, it has a high cpc, but to succeed in the business required hard work, Roman was not build in a day, so blogging is lucrative and extremely profitable.

Certified Diabetics Educator

Certified diabetics educator are those specialist that handle diabetes patient, they taught how to prevent diabetes, and also help those with the disease in various medical ways.

Soap Manufacturing

you can start a soap manufacturing company as a alternative to your job,  soap industry is biggest and the industry generate billion annually, it is a profitable business you can start today and make more cash.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine it is a business that deals with formulating drugs in a natural ways, formulating various drugs in a normal, and each of the drugs is used to treat various diseases or illness.


Anesthetic are those specialist that administer medication to patient before they undergo any surgeries, it an alternative job for pharmacist.

Analytical Chemist

Analytical chemist are those specialist that examine drug, sell drugs, and also prescription drugs to a patient in the hospital.

Academic Researcher

Academic researcher are those specialist that find a new unique innovation, new finding that can help pharmaceutical industry, so you can become an academic researcher now and discover new finding that can help health sector.

Health and Safety Inspector

Health and safety inspector are those specialist that monitor the health of health workers, and health company will keep rule and regulation guiding health sectors.

Software Developer

Software developer if you are programmer as pharmacist, you can help the health sector by developing new software that will boost the industry.

Home Health Aide

Home health aide it is a job that deals with handing elderly people, people with special needs, administering drug to them, and help them all necessary daily activities.

Final Taught

So choose wise the job that you think you can handle well, we have mention various pharmacist alternative job, choose wisely and make a lot of cash.

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