50 Unique Business Ideas For Ladies In Nigeria

50 Unique Business Ideas For Ladies In Nigeria 

Ladies are special being created by God, that need love and proper care, and it is advisable ladies should not depend at all time that a guy will be the only that will take up her expenses, but a ladies should find something doing, no food for a lazy women, what a man can do a woman can do it better.

There various offline and online businesses a ladies can take up and start the business successfully and earn meaningful income in return. We have tons of successful ladies out there that they have become millionaire and billionaires respectively.

There are various business ideas for ladies in Nigeria that fetch them meaningful income on daily, and monthly basis, once solid effort is put into the business. As a ladies do not rely on your husband always on home expenses, stand up and find something doing successfully.

There are also unique business ideas for ladies in Lagos, Lagos is one of the biggest Trade Centre in Africa, any form of business tend to sell fast in Lagos, just sit down and analyze yourself as a lady which business suit you most.

There are cheapest business to start as a ladies in Nigeria that will make you independent and you will never depend on any boyfriend on your needs, because of some little cash do not become a slave to one small guy that just have a little change or his hustling to get his money.

There are unique business ideas that move fast in Nigeria, business required proper strategy, commitment, business plan, and unique thinking and proper record of daily sale and management skills.

In this post I will explains unique business ideas for ladies in Nigeria or best business ideas for ladies in Lagos.

50 Unique Business Ideas For Ladies In Nigeria 

Okrika Business

It is another business that deals with selling of secondhand clothes, the clothes will be imported from oversea, majorly western countries, the business required capital investment and good commercial location for the business.


It is another business that deals with selling of well cooked food, food business is quite profitable, and require solid capital, good commercial location, the business required commitment and hard work.

Plantain Chips 

It is a business that deals with producing chips either with plantain or with potatoes, and also oil, it is another business ideas for ladies in Nigeria.

Production and sales of detergent

It is business  because detergent are in high demand in various homes on daily basis, so if you start the business now, you will earn positively and meaningfully.

Skin Care Business

 it deals with taking care of body, beautification of skins, face, feet, etc. The business will fetch daily income steadily and improve your standard of living.

Cosmetic Store

It is a business that fetch you million of Naira once you invest into the business properly, the business deals with selling soaps, skin care cream,  lip gloss, powders, detergent, soaps, perfume etc.


 the business deals with being creative with flour, like baking cake, preparing donut, puff puff, meat pie, chips chips, etc.

Ice block business

It is business that deals with selling of ice water, once you have refrigerator as a lady you can the business successfully in your hood, and meaningful cash on daily basis.


It is a business that deals with selling of ready made clothes, imported from oversea countries, the business is quite trending, and you can make millions from the business successfully.

Frozen Food Shop

It is business of frozen food business is a daily income business in Nigeria, the business deal with selling fishes, meats, chicken, goats meats, etc. The business is profitable and will be of help to ladies.


 the business deal with contents writing in various settings, it might be on content writing or other, the business can fetch you million of dollar if you start the business now. Experience in a field of business is the best teacher.

Cooking Gas Business

 mostly nowadays gas are used by majority of household, people are not sticking with stove any more longer but gas is the mean topic now in various house hold.

Jewellery Design and Making

It is business that deal with creating jewellery in various unique ways, inform of latest ones, that meet up with the newness civilizations.

Home Daycare Business

the business deal with taking care infant kids, children for the day, and earn a meaningful profit in return.

Clothing Designer

It is deals with creating unique clothes, In sense that latest fashion designer clothes for your customer, that need the services accordingly.


It is deals with taking pictures, as a ladies you can find a good commercial centre for the business, in order to get to right potential customers.


It deals with rising for charity homes, you can raise fund government department, churches, schools, and other sectors.

Party Planner

It is another business opportunities for ladies, as we all know a ladies must have a managerial skills to organize and handle homes successfully, so as a lady you can become a party planner and earn massively in return.

House Cleaning

It is another house chores business that deals with cleaning of homes for your clients, no food for a lazy women. You can become house cleaner for not only homes, but schools, churches, government organisation etc.


 the business deal with cooking for a client, that have a big event programmes, like wedding, etc.

Wedding Coordinator

the business deal with organizing, managing, and conducting a wedding programme for your client successfully.

Online Store

It is a unique business in sense that as a lady you can start a business of e-commerce  business successfully, like online store where you can sell various of homemade materials and others.

Life Coach

It is a business that deals with teaching, coaching mind and soul how they can overcome life challenge, how couple can build a happy home, how teenagers can overcome depression.


It is another  business ideas  can fetch you million of dollar, the business mostly deals with writing a unique contents and post it to your blog, once the contents is well rank you will make cash from the business.


It is another business that deals with rearing various chicken, birds, turkey and some other birds animals, the business will fetch meaningful income at the end of the day, the business got a lot of risk.

Virtual Assistant

It is another creative business  more like secretary job that can be done both offline and online successfully. The business deal with assisting individual that have hit limestone online or offline, the business deal with attending to their client, replying email etc.

Affiliate Marketing

It is another business that deals with registering with big companies and sell for the company and earn a massive commission for selling for the company.

Food Stuff Business 

It is another business that deal with selling of Raw foods stuffs, the business need capital, and you can start the business in your community without stress.

Start a Pos Business

 pos business is like small ATM machine business, in sense that through pos machine your customers Can send and receive money without going to banks.

Pure water business

It is another profitable daily income business in Nigeria, pure water business is one of the best business that you can start with little capital, inform of small scale business, and later make it big.

Smartphone business

It is newness business ideas, that deal with selling new phones, you can buy the phone directly from it manufacturers, and sell it in good amount of price in your own country.

Shoe business

It is another unique business that deal with selling new ready made shoe, the business required good location, proper capital investment and others.


It is another ways to make million of dollar, once you start producing unique YouTube videos, just choose a niche, and create various unique content on the niche.

Final Thoughts

As a ladies, gear up, never depend on guys at all time for your needs, but find something doing, hard work pay.

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