50 Simple hack: how to start a business in Nigeria with 50k, 10k or less

50 Simple hack: how to start a business in Nigeria with 50k, 10k or less

Nigerians are citizen who is ready to work, 70 percent of Nigerians are all looking for white collar job or government job. But there are more  businesses opportunities Nigerian Can start with 50k or less.

As an African adage no food for a lazy man, there are some small scale business ideas you can start with 50k online or at anywhere.

Business are created for better improvement and we’ll standard of living. Business is a foundation of a nation. So there are lucrative business you can start with 50k or less as student in Nigeria.

There are various opportunities or unique business ideas that are not known by Nigerians that fetch them big amount of cash in Nigeria.

In this post I will explains daily income business you can start in Lagos, Nigeria with 50k or less.


50 Simple hack: how to start a business in Nigeria with 50k, 10k or less

Food business

Food business is one of the best small scale business you can start without stress. Food is essential in human being life. So food is a must for very living so on earth.

So food business is suitable for Nigerian who is wish to start Food carteen business with 50k or less depend on the standard you want to set in Nigeria.

Sale of perfume

Perfume business is a small scale business you can with little capital in Nigeria.

It is a business you can start as little with 50k or less, get the little cash, go fetch perfume from it chain market, and reselling it to get positive amount of cash as gain, perfume business is a business you start can in Nigeria with small capital.

Bead making

Bead making it is a profitable business you start with little capital as 5000 Naira.

It is profitable business in Nigeria that required been stylish and creative, to bring out beauty of creativity in bead, once your production attractive and beauty you are going to make a big sell from the business.

Candle production

Candle production business is also business you can start in Nigeria.

Rise up the little capital for start of the business, get necessary materials needed for commence of the business and starting making cash.

Popcorn business

Popcorn is a business you can start in Nigeria with little as 10k or less as beginner.

It is one of the best business ideas in Nigeria, that can fetch daily income in Nigeria, once your service is quality and unique you surely make profit from the business, been consistent and hard work you will surely make a wave.

Hair, barbing salon

Barbing saloon business is another business you can start in Nigeria today with nothing less than 50,000 Naira.

But first you need basic training for few month before you can start your own barbing business in Nigeria.

It is one of the best business ideas you can start making daily income and solve your financial failure in life.

Home made story books

Home made story books is one of the best selling business in Nigeria,

It is business that is trending among the school owner and text books publisher.

It is a business that required write a unique well structure English story in other to improve writing and reading skills of individuals in a various school,

his either you sell story to text books publisher or write the story yourself, print it story and sell it to school that have interest in your writing skills,

Once your product is unique you will surely make big income.

Mobile Phone Repairs

Mobile Phone Repairs is another unique business, young entrepreneur can start but, needs basic training before you can go and start your too.

It is portable business that will fetch daily income, every household have phones in Nigeria, surely their phone will have problem or the other.

If you are looking business opportunities in Nigeria phone repairing is good and suitable.

Selling Fruits

Fruit serve as vitamins, that protect body against diseases, so it is one of the most essential farm product in household in Nigeria today.

So fruit business is a business you can start with little as 5000 Naira in Nigeria as starter.

People value and adore fruit a lot in the society today. Fruit is one of small scale business you can start as student in Nigeria depend on your choice.

Event Planner

Event planner means organizing of a programme or social gathering for your clients,

How to run and manage a event successfully for client, budgets for foods, chairs, tents or canopy, clothes and various others stuff for the smooth running of a program.

Selling of pure honey

Selling of pure honey is a young entrepreneur can start in Nigeria that required little with just 5000 Naira to 10,000 Naira as a starter in Nigeria.

Honey is natural resources created by God that make the human heart work perfectly well. Honey also serve as medicine, and also delicious. So honey business you can start in Nigeria with small capital.

Internet recruiting

Internet recruiting or internet Enrolment is another lucrative job an individual can start in Nigeria with little money today, all what you need is laptop,

computer, scanner and printer with photocopy machine, and got a good center or shop to start the business smartly and successfully.

It is a well pay online job that can fetch income during various registration program that is taking place in the country e.g. jamb registration, custom registration, police registration, etc.

Carpet Cleaning and car washing

Carpet cleaning and car washing is a business you can start at the road side that have free space.

It is a job that required washing of car, carpet, and earn positive income.

Car washing is a business you can start today in Nigeria with small money.


It is good to start a business when you have the real opportunities.

Do not put your hope in Nigeria government. Start whatever you know now and do with all your soul you shall surely succeed. Best of luck.


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