50 Religious Jobs That Pay well in 2022

50 Religious Jobs That Pay well in 2022 | Christian Based Organisation Jobs

Jobs that glorify God

Types of careers in ministry

Godly jobs

Christian organization careers

Christian community jobs

Faith based jobs

Ministry job without a degree

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Careers in religion

Jobs that serve the Lord

Spiritual vocation jobs

Christianity is one of the most powerful religion on earth, that through Christianity or Christian entrepreneurs million of job are created on daily basis both in secular settings or in church settings or Christian home businesses.

So there are various religious jobs that pay well that you can start with capital or no capital, there are religious jobs that will require to work under the church, and you will be well paid. There are various faith based jobs available for you as Christians but you need to be serious and skillful.

Jobs that glorify God

It is a unique job that does not go against the biblical principles, a job that will draw you closer to God, and through the job you will get more soul to Christ, a job that will serve as salvation in your life.

Types of careers in ministry

There are various unique career in church, to me a church is not a place to be earning money, but a place to save soul, receive more salvation and commit yourself to God work willingly and never look for any reward in returns.

Christian community jobs

It is another business opportunities in your community as a Christian either you start the business from scratch or become a worker, and do some light work in your community.

Faith based jobs

Unique businesses or job that suit Christianity faith well, the business you can start yourself or work under church or works for Christian entrepreneurs. The business will fetch income and good standard of living.

Jobs that serve the Lord

There are various job under Christianity faith that serve the Lord well, e.g. pastor if truthfully God you, evangelist if you receive God not you to become evangelist to make more money, deacon, usher, a gospel singer, prophet etc.

Spiritual vocation jobs

It is like small business you can start at home, or at any where, once you proper business plan, more like Christian home based businesses, that will be fetching you daily income.

Christian business ideas

50 Religious Jobs That Pay well in 2022

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50 Religious Jobs That Pay well in 2022 | Christian Based Organisation Jobs

Become a Pastor if truthfully God called you

It is one the best career in Christian religion, do not become because money, because they are giving your who is pastor a lot of money, so you too want to become a pastor.

Pastor job required you to be committed, refined souls, spread the words of salvation, once is God that surely call you, you surely make progress in the business without begging or become a beggar.

Do not start pastor job because of money, start it because of revelation you receive from God.

Become a Evangelist

Become a evangelist through God direction, not because of money, but because God called to spread the message through various channel, or even all over the world, evangelist are men of God that spread meaningful message to gain more soul and get many soul converted willingly.

Become a Organist

It is a spiritual vocation jobs that deals with play the organ instrument at church, if you are committed to play the instrument to serve God willingly you will not earn in return, but your reward is in heaven, it is another faith based jobs that fetch you a cash if interested.

Become a Usher

It is another committed jobs in the church, that deals with welcoming guests, cautioning the guest, cautioning church member when they are not concentrating, attending to church members that need some certain things or the other.

Gospel Music

It is another unique faith based jobs available for you in church, that can fetch you income depend on how you wish to serve God, it is a job that deals with composing various Christianity spiritual songs and sing them decently in various churches to make money or serve God willingly.

Become a Author

It is another blessed job under Christianity faith, that deals with writing various unique books, either salvation saving books, or you can write various book on business, business plan or all steps a Christian entrepreneur can follow to start and successfully build a business empire.

Start a Counseling Business

It is a business that can be done online or offline, it is a business that deals with advising, encouraging, guide and share physical life experience to those that need guidance and direction on some life challenging issue.

Start a Pharmacy

It is another unique business ideas that deals with finding a good location, raising enough capital  investment, carry out market research to know your buyer, know your competitors, register your business, it is a profitable business that can fetch you million and make more money.

Become a Tutor

So you can become a tutor to those pupils or students that need extra tutoring or lesson, the business can be done online or offline, the business can generate more income and a good standard of living.

Start a Bookstore Business

It is another unique business ideas that deals with selling various books, all sorts of books that meet up with all biblical principles, the business is very profitable and required maximum capital and proper planing and good location.

Become a drummer

It is another faith based jobs that deals with beating drum, handle various drum in church, it is another career job in the church, that can fetch you income steadily, but you can also used drumming to serve God willingly and never collect anything in returns.

Start a Christian Clothing Store

It is wonderful business ideas for Christian entrepreneurs, it deals with selling various clothes that abide against all biblical principles,

The business required good location, maximum capital investment, promote the business through various channel, so you can sell men clothes, ladies clothes etc.

But all the clothes you will sell will meet up with Christianity law, and be decent and meet up with all biblical laws.

Start a Home Shelter Charity Foundation or Business

Start a homeless shelter business it’s a business that deals with helping the homeless person, or those that want to run away from various abusing, the business is not that much profitable, and you will also raise fund from donation.

Start a Vending Machine Business

It is another business opportunities that require to buy various vending machine and installed them in various location in your community and filled with all necessary products that is in high demand in your community.

Write and Create Bible Sunday School Chart

It is another career in religion that required creating unique bible image of individual messenger of God, and include their life story event on how they conquer and win a battle of life and gain more soul to Christ.

Charity Fundraiser 

It is another business opportunities for Christian entrepreneurs that deals with raise fund from various organisation, big corporation and donation them to support God works and donate them to charity foundation, once you are sincere with business and do it with clean heart the Lord will surely reward you massively.

Social Worker

It is another job under Christianity faith, that can pay well, it is a business that deals with providing unique service to those that need it, taking care of those in need, defending people from various abusing etc.

Primary School Teacher

Christian deals with teaching various moral value, like how to live a decent life as Christians, so as a Christian you can take up teaching job, either at primary school level, or at secondary school level, and earn a positive income at the end of the month.

Church Secretary 

It is another job that you can start under church organization, that job require you to attend to phone calls, typing document, attend to guest that want to see a pastor, and other, it another unique job under Christianity faith.


It is a job under Christianity faith that does not required any capital from you, but you will start the jobs with either healthcare centre or with the military, the job required to give positive advice and guidance to patient that need the offer or the services.

Music Director

It is another business opportunities in church that require you as a director to control, direct, compose unique songs, that will be sang in church program at any time of the day.


It is another unique business opportunities in  museums, that deal with handling history artifacts, or document, it is another unique job available for Christian.


It another unique salvation jobs under the church or Christian faith, the service required to leave your home land and go to far away land to spread the gospel and gain more soul to Christ.

Children’s Ministry Director

They are those minister in church that handle all children affairs in the church, like Co ordinating  them, sing with them, preach to them, and take very good care of them in the church.

Worship Coordinator

They are those coordinator that handle praise and worship in the church, like set up a roaster for each candidate that will handle worship in the church.

Start a Christian Blog

Blogging itself can fetch you million if you invest properly in the business, it is a business that deals with writing of contents, monetize it through Google Adsense or through affiliate marketing programs.

Start a YouTube Channel

It is a business that deals with creating  unique videos on various Christian topic, and uploading them to your YouTube channel, and once you meet up with YouTube requirement you can now monetize your channel successfully.

Open a Basic Primary School

It is another business opportunities that deal with creating unique business plan, raising enough capital, getting a good ventilated environment, and used various channel to promote your business to get much more customer for your business.

Start a Theology Seminary

Christian Bible school, you can start a bible school as a well trained pastor or evangelist that have attended both private and government seminary school, so you can start your own seminary school and the business required proper planing and enough.

Greeting Card Publisher

It is another unique job that deal with creating greeting card like wedding anniversary cards, easter greeting card, Christmas greeting card, it is another unique business in Christian organization.


It is unique job that deal with taking picture of individuals in a special occasion like wedding programme, church programme, and other various programme in church and outside church, the job can fetch steadily income if you join the right channel.

Final Thought

Sit tight and choose a job that suit your discipline, whatever concern God do it faithfully and with sincere heart.

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