50 Biblical Teaching On Entrepreneurship for Christians

50 Biblical Teaching On Entrepreneurship for Christians | Qualities of an Entrepreneurs

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Are you as a Christian looking for biblical teaching on entrepreneurship, there are unique basic teaching guiding Christian entrepreneurs under Christian faith. Entrepreneurship means taking a risk of starting up a business, entrepreneurs are risk taker,

business are establish based on either win and fail but never give up, failure as a starter in a business means continuous learning and enlighten you and get you more experience.

There are teaching on entrepreneurship in the bible that will help succeed in any business successfully, there are biblical principles guiding entrepreneurship activities and will help Christian entrepreneurs grow rapidly if they keep them.

Teaching on entrepreneurship via like the entrepreneurs must be committed, focus, honest, faithful, generous, generate new ideas, social with the right channel of people, be prayerful, and always to be inspire to get to the greater length of business.

So in this post I will explains biblical teaching on entrepreneurship for business success.

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50 Biblical Teaching On Entrepreneurship for Christians | Qualities of an Entrepreneurs

Concept of entrepreneurship

* An entrepreneur is a starter. A entrepreneur is an initiator, a challenger and a driver. Someone that create something new, either an initiative, a business or a company.

* The entrepreneurs is the one that sit in the driver’s seat, and has the ability to change direction, accelerated slow down or even stop a venture.

* Entrepreneur is a designer, launcher and runner of a new business. Initially a small business, the people who create businesses are called entrepreneurs.

* Entrepreneur is the capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks to make a profit.

* Entrepreneur is the ability to find and act upon opportunities to translate inventions or technologies into products and services.

* Entrepreneur is a owner or manager of a business, by risk attempts to make profits.

* Entrepreneur create something different and something new.

* Entrepreneur is the invention and organise the capital, raw talent, and other resources that turn an invention into a commercially viable innovation.

* An entrepreneur is someone who prefers a life of boundless uncertainty to that of predictability and chooses to bet on themselves before anyone else.

* An entrepreneur is someone who has made a conscious decision to choose freedom.

* An entrepreneur takes on the risk and seeks to fill a need on her own terms.

* An entrepreneur is someone that can sustainably serve and audience because they have a profitable business model.

* Entrepreneur are some of the world’s most powerful transformers.

* Entrepreneur means staying committed to your goals beyond your feelings of excitement. Stay the course and keep your mind  in it.

* Entrepreneur means being the one that is willingly to take a leap, work hard enough to sacrifice everything else around you, all in the name of solving problems because no one else is capable or possesses the desires.

* Entrepreneur make their way down a never-ending lists of problem with grit, passion and energy.

* Entrepreneur is the person who sees a problem in the world and immediately focuses on creating the solution.

* Entrepreneur as an agent who buys means of production at certain prices to combine them into a new product.

* Entrepreneur is a risk taken by a man who breaks uncertainty, strives out on his own and with dedication to duty and focus, achieve the goal.

* Entrepreneur is an originator of profitable business ideas and can best describes as an innovator and a risk taker.

* Entrepreneur is concerned with bringing about changes and making a difference in a narrow sense.

Qualities of entrepreneur

* Self confidence belief in oneself and not just fate. Once he sets goals, he has to behave in his ability to achieve same.

* Risk-taking the entrepreneur calculate the risk involved in the venture before starting it. He is neither a gambler nor risk a verse. He takes moderate risk.

* Result oriented he/she believes in achieving results, therefore he/she sets clear and measurable goals.

* Drive and energy an entrepreneur puts in lot of physical and mental energy in his business. He/She runs around to contact costumers, suppliers, other associates.

* Long-term investment he is future oriented. He usually sees projects on long term basis and hence takes decision as such. He is not interested in establishing a project that would collapse after a few year in operation.

* Leadership it is not always possible to run an enterprises. Single handedly assistance from other people is needed from both skilled and semi-skilled hands.

Entrepreneurs has to motivate direct and guide this people to accompany his goal.

* Creativity an entrepreneur has to be original and innovative. He has to be resourceful, versatile and knowledgeable. He should be flexible when consumers are not recapturing to his products.

* Exploiting opportunities entrepreneur should able to see or craft opportunities other people miss.

* Finding resources and competencies

* Networking expertise oriented, know when they need experts and how to use them effectively.

* Facing adversity resolve problem under pressure, turn the problem into opportunities.

* Controlling the business paying attention to details and essential ratios, exercising strategic control over their business.

* Putting the customer first listening to the customer and responding to the customer feedback.

* Creating capital financial, social and aesthetic wage employment.

* Employment creation all entrepreneurs are employers of labour and hence assist in solving the unemployment problem.

* Utilizing local resources.

* Promotion of technology by being creative, entrepreneurs are able to contribute to the utilization and development of technology.

* He or She is indispensable to the economic growth of the country.

* Economic progress will much depend upon his/her entrepreneur contribution

* Diversity in products and services. An entrepreneur can provide various types of goods and services to the consumer.

50 Biblical Teaching On Entrepreneurship for Christians | Qualities of an Entrepreneurs

What Is Biblical Entrepreneurship?

They are unique business owner under God faith, they do there job according to all biblical business principles, biblical entrepreneurship are founder of various business empire, so they operate their businesses with clean heart, they are generous and generate a good positive ideas for their businesses.

They are Christian entrepreneurs that contribute their own quota to the development of their nation,  they filled with great innovation, and they are always inspire with new vision, they carry out various plan and goal and they achieve it through praying, fasting and be committed to God work.

Ways Why Biblical Entrepreneurship are Unique

Biblical entrepreneur are doing businesses on Christian basic law, they are not self centered in their business activities, they didn’t left God out their business activities, they are friendly to all, and they set a very proper accommodative space for their customers.

Christian entrepreneurs also used business to promote faith, they refine heart and gain more members to Christ, they convert life and serve as a role model, they do not only focused on their business activities.

They are too ambitious, but they are contented with whatever they have, they are not a cheater but do business according to God ways, they do seek after success at all cost but always beings faithful to God words.

As a Christian Entrepreneur You Must Know that all Things Belong to God

Whatever you have as a Christian entrepreneur you know must it belong to God, whatever business empire you have established belong to God, it is God that render you the grace, not that you are wise, or you have best adviser, or it is because you can generate new ideas.

So know whatever achievements you have belong to God, so continue serve the Lord with all your heart and never draw back from doing God works, do not look down on anyone,

and do not let whatever success you have corrupt your mind, because success and fame do corrupt the mind and soul but be humble at all time, whatever success or fame is vanity upon vanity said the preacher.

Stay Focused be Serious, And Do a Smart Work in Your Business

Business require be focused, solid Concentration, a lazy person cannot succeed a business, business required a lot of effort, solid research, and always been update about new tactic invented in business on daily basis. Success comes with continue processes, before reaching the limestone.

All those business empire you see today start from little and later become bigger and mighty, so be smart in every of your work as a Christian entrepreneur, read various books entrepreneurship that will serve as mind awaken for you and your business.

Be Good as Christians Entrepreneur and be friendly to other

So be sociable as a Christian entrepreneur, be jovial and make friend with right set of people that can make your business grow very fast, do not be selfish as a Christian entrepreneur, be nice and kind to other it is a tactic of business.

Do not think you are special because of money you have, but always being humble, money and success are nothing but vanity, we bring nothing to this world and take nothing away when we die, always be available to positive people in your business, always help the needy.

Love others, for God himself is love, love cover all sins. So as Christians entrepreneur show truth example of love to other, where there is love there is progress, where love exist there is abundant blessings and grace.

Get Enough Capital for your Business and Borrow What you can Return, If you do not have Enough Capital Borrow From Right Channel.

The most important aspect of all business is capital, you cannot start a business without money, capital is total amount of cash you will pump into your business. Once you can get it through your personal savings, if you have good savings spirit, for you to succeed in any business you must know how to keep money and how to manage money.

So, if you do not have personal savings, you can ask your family members for help, either they raise capital willingly for you or lends you the capital and you will later return the money when your business start growing. Do not collect what you cannot returned.

Last place to get capital is the bank, bank got rule and regulation before they can handle out loans to any one, there must be due date to pay there Loans back, collect what you can return from banks.

Draw a Proper Business Plan for Your Business

You cannot start a business anyhow without a proper business plan, draw a very important foundation for your business, business plan will serve as guidance for each and every steps needed to follow in any business.

Your business plan will give insight on what amount of capital you need for your business, a location that will be good for the business, branding awareness for the business, which niche suit you most in any business, cost of registration etc.

How to get customer and how you will retain them,  strategy that will help you over your competitors, manpower needed for the business, so business plan is very important in any business because it serve as a guide books.

Final Thought

In conclusion be serious and committed to your business, continuing learn and never give because of a small failure, be strong and be determined, you will surely get there, and achieve all your dream successfully.