50 Best Careers to Start at 30, 40 or 50 year old

50 Best Careers to Start at 30, 40 or 50 year old 

Are you looking a new career you can start at age 30, 40 or 50 year old that will earn you positive income willingly, job that you can do that will earn passive income that not required your degree. We must work to earn a living that we use to cater for our very needs.

There are online or offline skills or business ideas you can start at age 30, 40 or 50,  so all positive ideas needed to start those career age business will be gist, properly explains in this very post with very positive sense.

So we have provided various answer to some question on this topic, which will help to choose right types of business or new career for yourself,

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In this post I will explains all necessary details or what career you can start conveniently at 40 year old.

Best Careers to Start at 30, 40 or 50 year old


Guides is another career business you can start, It is a job that deals with instructing or set a description for an individuals, depend on the place where you get the job, it might be heritage site, gallery, museum etc.

Fitness trainer

Fitness trainer it is a career business that deals with body building, you can be offering your service to more elderly, by training them to have a good health body.

Security guard supervisor

Security guard supervisor is another job you search for at age 40, it is a business that deals with protect of life and property, like a job assign to you, that you will monitor and supervisor various guard working in the business you are.

Bridge tenders

Bridge tenders is another job you can try to get, it is job that deals with operating a bridge a canal, lighthouse, it is job that suitable for a person.

Event planning

Event planning is another job, the suit an individuals at forty year of age, become event planner, by organizing various parties, wedding ceremony, birth parties etc.

Bookkeeper or secretary

Bookkeeper or secretary it is one of the best job for the person, is you start a library business, or secure a job at a big company and become a secretary.


Messengers is another job that you can start at forty year old, by delivering message for various companies, schools, laboratories etc.

Car Wash Business

Car was business it is a another lucrative business that can fetch you daily income massively, it is one of the best career you can start a forty year of age, the business required a capital as a starter, and a good location for the business.

Real estate

Real estate business it is a bigger business that can fetch million or can make you a millionaire if you invest well and follows right channels.

Beauty salon

beauty salon is another business, it is a business you can either as man or woman, it is business that can fetch you smooth and daily income. Carry out all necessary research to know what takes to start the business.

Fine art

Fine art it is a business that deals with drawing various unique art pic, and the unique art will be sell at a certain amount and you will make raw cash.

Dog breeding service

Dog breeding service it is a business that deals with rearing and building of dog, it is a business that required more capital, it is a profitable business ideas, all most each and every home have dog, so dive into the business and make money now.


Dietician are those specialist that work or that describe what food is best for the body, it is a business you can take up and start earning a living.

Carpentry business

Carpentry business it is business opportunities that require you, or you need special training before you can start the business, need carpentry school training before you can start the business at all.


Blogging is one of the best business lucrative online opportunities that can makes a millionaire, it is online business on its own, a industry itself, but to succeed in blogging it takes hard work and commitment.

Personal care aide

personal care aide it is a job that resemble group home business, like business that deals with taking care people with special needs, bathing for them, cooking for them and also shopping for them.


Freelancing it is another industry on internet that makes a millionaire, sign up to various freelancer site, and start the job, success is not a warrant at first but through hard work and solid commitment you will make it in the industry.

Music Teacher

If you are talent in the field of music and you can handle various musical instruments effectively and efficiently, you can start a music school by coaching other how to sing or how music instrument are Play.


Tutor is a business that deals with coaching, it’s like extra home lesson to an individuals, who need tutoring.

SEO Expert

Seo expert it is online business that deals with blog, how to rank a blog well on search engine, you offer your service to blog that want to rank their blog on search engine.

Moving service/company

Moving service or company is another lucrative business you can at age of forty or more, do deeper research to know what entails to succeed in the business.

Public transport attendant

They are the set of worker that can be found in bus station, ship, airport terminal that do welcome guest and give various direction. So if you like the business you can take the business up.

Taxi drivers and chauffeurs

Taxi driver and chauffeurs it is a business that deals with offering your service to customer, by driving them to various destination with your cars,

Medical assistant

Medical assistant it is a business you can start or career business suitable at forty year of age, but before you can commence with the job, you medical training both online and offline, for you to be able handle The job well.

Translation and interpreter services

Are you a skill translator or you can speak various international language, translation or interpreter it is another little profitable that can fetch cash, it is good to be a translator.

Day care

Day care it is another small community business, that you can start at the age forty, by taking of various kids who their parent are not around etc.

Poultry farm

Poultry farm it is a business that deal with rearing of various domestic animals, and make a living through selling those animals to right channel when they are mature enough.

Massage therapist

Massage therapist is another lucrative business that you can start today and make money, it is business of soul, mind and body.

Travel agency

Travel agency it is a business that deals with arranging traveling for your client or for an individuals who want to travel abroad or over sea countries, it is a business that makes you a millionaire if you study and planned well.

Sales demonstrators

Sale demonstrators it is a business that deal with by advising or encouraging an individuals to buy a product willingly and moderately, like confuse a customer to buy a goods.

Final Taught

Final taught carry out more research to know more career business or job you can start successfully at the age of forty year old.

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