7 High-Paying AdSense Alternatives for Nigerians

7 High-Paying AdSense Alternatives for Nigerians

Are you looking for google Adsense alternatives in this post I explains best google Adsense best alternatives used can used I’m Nigeria.

Just last year, Google AdSense paid $2.4 billion dollars to its publishers, and no other ad network pays out nearly as much.

This, coupled with the topical authority they’ve garnered makes everyone want AdSense!

However, if you’ve tried to get AdSense approval this year, you’d have noticed that getting approved isn’t at all easy.

You don’t have to fret over AdSense approval anymore. If you’re a blogger, one of these high-paying AdSense alternatives might just be what you’re looking for.

Top AdSense Alternatives for Nigerian Bloggers

Propeller Ads
Revenue hits
Hilltop Ads

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7 High-Paying AdSense Alternatives for Nigerians

Another problem most people encounter with Google is getting your account disabled even with a whole bunch of money in it.

If Google thinks that you violated any of their rules whether knowingly or not, your account will be terminated and all your lifetime earnings will be frozen and deleted leaving you with absolutely nothing at all.

Another reason Google terminate many accounts is when they suspect unusual traffic or an unusually high number of clicks on your ads.

These reasons have cost a lot of publishers their prestigious AdSense accounts, with some even denied acceptance into the network. If you happen to be part of one of these groups, you should read the details of the high-paying alternatives to AdSense discussed in this post.

Although some of these AdSense alternatives might not be paying as high as the ultimate Google adsense, half a bread, they say…

Let’s get into it.


Media.net is one of the top ad monetization network that you can stat using today and be guaranteed of generating a nice income each month. Media.net has 1300+ employees in key operation centers across – North America, Europe and Asia. Media.net’s US HQ is based in New York, and Global HQ in Dubai.

how much can I make with Media.net?

With this ad network, you can generate around $5/1000 impressions which among the best in the ads network industry.

You can be able to display 3 ads per page withmedia.net meaning that a total of at least 335 people can generate you $5.

Say you only get 334 visitors each day from your blog/website, that means you can pocket around $150 each from media.net, that is why they are highly rated among the highest paying ads network around the globe.


Propeller Ads is actually one of the top ways to monetize your blog.

With this ad network, you will get paid a nice percentage of money when someone clicks on the ads placed on your website and also you get paid $2/1000 page views.

Although this ad network might not be paying as high as Google ads and media ads, believe me, its still one of the very top ways bloggers generate money today.

How much can I make with propeller ads?

you can make over $200 each month if you have enough visitors and also if your visitors are coming from a country that has a high payout in ads.

having visitors from the United States will generate more money than having visitors coming from India. with propeller ads, you can generate $1 – $3 per 1000 impressions

Infolinks is among the ads network I have worked with before. they are actually so nice and as well boast quality and standard ad network.

Though the ad relevancy seems a little poor, it’s still regarded by many as one of the best ad networks out there. Infolinks provides its users with a stable revenue source, reliable technology, fantastic account management, and most importantly, a positive user experience.

How much can I make with Infolinks?

With Infolinks, you can generate a huge sum of cash if you have enough traffic coming to your site and also if you place your ads at the right places.

though this ad network pays below some other top ads networks, its still a good fit if you get approved by them. you can generate around $0.5 to $3 per 1000 impressions.

Buysellads is among the top listed ads network on the internet today.

over 4500 companies grow there business with buysellads which means that there are enough ads to be displayed across your web page.

with buysellads, you can also sell ad space on your website and get people pay you before even displaying ads on your website/blog

how much can i earn from Buysellads?

you can earn a very reasonable amount of money through this platform. you can earn around $3 to $5 per 1000 impression from Buysellads.

you can also earn money by selling ad spaces to companies that are registered with buysellads. some big companies prefer selecting a website manually that will display there ads/product.

so if you are lucky enough and your website/blog falls along the same niche and also meet the companies criteria/requirements, you will get paid a reasonable amount of money just to display ads for this top companies.

Another one on this list is revenuehits.

with this ads network, you can generate a nice sume of money from your website.

revenue hits unlike other ads network is a performance based advertising network. though not on the same par with google adsense and others,

its still a great method you can start using today to make money on your website if you think your site isn’t ready yet for adsense or if maybe your account was rejected or banned my google adsense team.

RevenueHits is one of the simplest ways you can use to convert your digital assets into income property.

how much can i earn from revenuehits?

Revenue hits is a CPA based advertising network which pays in excess of $30 in eCPM.

all you need is a nice amount of traffic on your website and you will be good to go.

with a nice traffic, you can make over $1500 each month from Revenuehits ads network.

Popads is one of the oldest ads network among others, established in 2010, Popadshas kept the status of a top ads network around the globe.

you can actually generate a reasonable amount of money each month from this ads network alone.

popads focuses main on pop advertisements such as pop-under, pop-up, tab-up and tab-under ads. while over 80% of ads networks has $50 to $100 as there minimum withdrawals, Popads sets their minimum withdrawal at just $5, meaning its easier to withdraw your money from this ad network compared to others.

How much can i earn from POPADS?

You can earn a reasonable amount of money through popads if you have the right audience.

most ads networks value traffics from united states more that any other country so while putting in the work on how you can start making money from your site you should also strive to develop the right audience for your website.

you can make around $1 to $4 dolars per 1000 unique impressions.

Hilltop ads is a uk based advertising network.

They use a combination of custom approach and smart techs to help advertisers and publishers make money.

Just like any other Ads network, you make more money when you audience are mostly from United states or from UK.

Hilltop ads are most popular in these niches: Pinsubmits, Gaming, Downloads, dating, file hosting among many others.

with a minimum payment requirement of just $50, Hilltopads is well suited for both small and medium sized publishers.

How much can i earn with Hilltopads?

You can make more $100 each week with Hilltop ads, all you have got to do is to direct traffic to your blog/website and once they complete an action you get paid.

you can get paid around $2 to $10 per app/game download and around $5 to $20 per pinsubmit.

Voila, and there goes our list for the best Google AdSense alternatives for Nigerian bloggers.

Were you accused of directing invalid traffic when you’re sure you didn’t?

I got good news.

Sit back, read this, choose the best AdSense alternative for Nigerians that sounds most practical to you and earn cool cash!

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