30 Raw Thinking: How to Start a Lip Gloss Line Business With No money and Under $50

30 Raw Thinking: How to Start a Lip Gloss Line Business With No money and Under $50 | How to start a lip gloss business at 12


How to start a lipgloss business in South Africa 

how to start a lipgloss business 

how to start lipgloss business at age 11, 12, 13, 14,

When you hear about lip gloss business it is a business that deals with the beautification of the lip or how to make our lips fresh and shining, it is a smaller business you can start at a very small age and make a living from the business.

There are steps and procedure you needs to follow if you surely want to succeed in the business, lip gloss it is a business that is most especially handle by a lady. Who do print there lips it is a woman that love body beautification.

It is a one of the beautification product used by 90 percent of women on earth used on daily. It is very trending product on earth today.

So are you looking Raw thinking on how to start a lip gloss business with no money or how to start lip gloss business under $50 you visited right site on unique ideas how you can start a lip gloss line business without stress.

So in this post I will explains all necessary details needed to  start a lip gloss business at 12 or how to start a lip line.

How to Start a Lip Gloss Line Business With No money and Under $50 | How to start a lip gloss business at 12

Know the Industry

Lip gloss is big industry in world, it is a product that is used by both man and woman, it is product that it used to take care of lips, it is recommended at to a patient that have dry lips, it is mostly used during the winter when the lip of everyone with be dry and less attractive.

It is a industry that consist of the line up are lipstick, lip gloss, lip stains, lip liner and lip balm.

It is a big business that have create jobs for many, it is a business that offer best quality product to it customer.

But the product is mostly used by women, and majorities of those that start up the business are women.

Carry Out Market Research

Before you start the business you need to know who you will be selling your product to, who are your target market, your target market are not only the female, but everyone, it is a product used by everyone, both male and female, teacher, doctor, nurse, president, lawyer etc.

Your target market are everyone in your business location.

Choose a Niche

There is no niche in lipstick or lip gloss business to concentrate in lip gloss, but the lip gloss product are in different design or colour, they have improve quality of the product in the previous year, there product is safe and extremely quality, and it is available in different coloured or flavour.

Either to Buy a Franchise or Start from Scratch

There is no industry or company that is offering franchise of lip gloss business or lipstick line business, prepare yourself and mind and brain that you will start your business from the scratch.

So, start learning in various ways, learn from those in the business already, that will give you the insight how to run and set up your lip gloss business from the very scratch.

Choose a Sexy Attractive Business Name for your business

It is a business that deals with health of the lip, so find sexy and attractive name for your business, a business that will be know off hand by the customer, or name that will attract customer to your business willingly, sit down and look for best inspiration name for your business or dream come through name.

Get Best Insurance Policies for your Business You

Insurance will do you good in the term of dry season, so look for best insurance company in town and register your business under them, in case you have financial meltdown or difficulties, so insurance company will take up.

Startup Capital

Capital is the most essential and most important aspects of business, that is the real business, so to run and manage a business successfully you need fund, so the fund is capital, capital is soul, mind of a business, so get capital either through loans, I means soft loan, loan from families member, or loans from your parents or if you are good at saving, you can raise capital from your personal savings.

Choose a Commercial Location for your Business

Choose a location that will drive right customer to your business, a large urban centre is recommended for your business, a location that have high and suitable traffic, your business tend to grow very fast in big cities than rural area.


Get all required paperwork or permit for your business under both federal or state and local level, it will give you full authority or right over the business.

The total amount to register a business in United State of America is $750, so get all what needed for your Business.

Business Plan

Business plan is one of the most important and vital note needed to be written before you start your lip gloss  business, the note will serve as guidance on steps by steps, or what is next or what it takes to succeed in lip gloss business.

It is a must can you to conduct a Business plan before you dive into the business, it will help you plan your business well.

Create a solid Brand Awareness for your business

Create solid awareness for your Business, like advertising your business through various channel like social media e.g. facebook twitter, instagram, you need a business card, you a billboard, poster, you can also sell your lip gloss online by opening  a website online and drive traffic to website and sell various lip gloss product online.

Final Taught

Study well,  by reading various books on lip gloss business, read online and also study various offline businesses about lip gloss, generate new ideas, jot down and plan your business well, you shall surely succeed.

30 Raw Thinking: How to Start a Lip Gloss Line Business With No money and Under $50

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