30 Money Making YouTube Video ideas for Couples

30 Money Making YouTube Video ideas for Couples 

YouTube is one of the greatest channel or industry of all time that have brought out millions of lives of out poverty without them investing any single penny in the industry.

YouTube is a great innovation industry that put joy in those that know how to used the digital channel, the industry have made young entrepreneurs a millionaire and serves as blessing to an individuals in unique videos creating field.

YouTube received monthly visitors of over 46 billion monthly, she is one of big business industry in the world. So you as an entrepreneur dreaming of start a youtube channel and there are some taught that show up in your mind like you tube videos ideas to get subscribers,

you tube video ideas 2021, youtube video ideas for couples challenges and best friend you tube videos ideas you have visited the right site for meaningful information on YouTube video ideas for kids or funny video ideas.

There are segment or niche a couples might chooses on YouTube and couple will make a lot of fund from the niche, YouTube is very wide and have millions ranges of topics so there are YouTube videos ideas for couples listed below and well explains and also have couples YouTube channel name ideas subjection.

In this post I will explains and  all necessary details needed to or analyze beauty YouTube videos ideas or travel YouTube videos ideas mom YouTube videos ideas, last but not the least money making YouTube videos ideas for couples.

Money Making YouTube Video ideas for Couples 

Cooking Video

Cooking is one of the best variety of niche on YouTube you can start today and make cash, are you good in cooking or you have unique cooking skills, you can film and display your talent on YouTube by cooking various of delicious food, or teach viewer how to cook various unique food.

Create a Prank Videos

Prank videos is one of the best and trending videos on YouTube that millions of YouTube fans or viewers are watch per day, when come to making YouTube videos prank videos is good ideas and best niche you can focus on you tube and make millions of cash.

Hair and Makeup Tutorial

Hair and makeup tutorial is another special niche you focus on YouTube and make money, it is a niche that deals with how to handle hair, how various make up is done, it is good you tube videos ideas for mom.

Make an Advice Video for Couples

Creating a videos on marital affairs how couples can handle their home with common sense, love, understanding, care and how they can defeat life challenging issue and their will be best examples to others.

Workout Videos

Workout videos it is YouTube videos that deals with various working exercises, educative videos on exercise, it teaches individuals what types of exercise needed to loss weight, what exercise to for heart to function well, what types of exercise needed to loss potbelly etc.

Hometown Tour

Hometown tour it is a unique videos about your hometown, hometown do have a lot historical site, ancient building, historical materials, so are the set of things you can offer and promote on your YouTube channel and make a lot of funds.

Remake an Old Video

Remake an Old videos like correct your old videos or editing them and adding more values to the videos. Like re-branding a of a videos, that are not well created or have poor structure, you can remould them in so many unique ways.

Travel Vlog

Travel vlog is another big niche on you tube, it is a video that will deals with your traveling experience, narrating your traveling experience to your viewer on your channel, it is one of the best niche to focus on.

Create a Video on How to Care For a Pet

Another unique niche on YouTube is pet niche, it is a educative videos on how to feed, take good care of various pets, there are ways to handle pet for them also to live good and healthy life.

Make Cute Baby Videos

Making a cute baby videos it is a good niche on YouTube, that discuss about baby, find a cute baby of your own, or your family members to run the videos successfully.

Career Talk Video

Career talk video is a niche that talk about career, teach an individuals various topic on how to achieve their dream career, steps needed to succeed in their career etc.

Product Demonstration Video

Product demonstrating videos are niche that focused on product reviews, displaying a video about a materials, tools, device on your channels and give description and how quality they are to your viewers.

Movie Review

Movie review is niche that focus on description on new latest release movie whether to watch them or not, you will give review about how interesting they are or not.

Make a Video on Time Management

Another interesting niche on YouTube is teaching people how to manage their time, it is channel that deals with how you program your time, or how to used your time wisely and well.

Explain Essential Tools

YouTube video about how to handle various essential tools, there are some essential tool that majority of people do not know how to used, you come in as a YouTuber and explains properly how those tools are used.

Make a Short Film

Make a short film it is a channel that deal with trailer videos, it might be trailer of latest trending videos, evergreen video or old video.

Create a Screencast Video

Create a screencast video, it is one of the best niche you can choose on you tube, more like sharing your ideals on YouTube through Webcam, just choose a topic you are good at and discuss about them through connected screencast on your computer or laptop.

Make Behind the Scene Videos

Make behind the scene videos a unique videos that will be catchy to YouTube viewers, create a good content videos that deals with behind the scene.

Create Log Videos

Log videos are videos that talks about you, interesting video about your daily life, health issue, exercise etc.

Create Tutorial Videos

Create tutorial videos it is videos that deals with creating various topic and answer to them on YouTube, tutorial videos is more like teaching videos, more like teaching that took place in formal school settings.

Show Off Your Home

Show off your home is another excellent videos you show off on YouTube, most specially videos about your beautiful.


Documentary YouTube videos that deals with history, history is a niche that deals with uniqueness of the past, creating a good and unique topic on interesting documentary.

Explainer Video

Explainer video trend a lot on you tube, like topic like how to make money online, how to kiss, how to loss fat etc.

Create a Time Lapse Video

Making a time lapse video it is a video content that give viewer on what you do daily, weekly etc. It is one of the solid niche YouTube that you can start and make a lot of cash.

Create a Haul Video

Make a haul videos that explains full details about your shopping, you discuss about all what you bought from shopping, ranging from the smallest product you bought to the biggest.

Blooper Videos

Blooper videos is a videos that deals with Editing of video where you make error , and post them at the end of the month for your view to laugh.

Top List Video

Top list video is another good YouTube videos ideas for couple that they can start and make money from the niche, find various trending topic in entertainment niche rate those topic from 10 to 1.

Celebrate Milestones

Celebrate milestones it is videos about your achievements and success, you will share your achievements and success with your viewer on YouTube that they will also celebrate for you.

Create Something

Create something is another video that talk about a particular topic that will solve viewer problem, create something unique today and get tons of views.

Create Blogging Videos

Create a blogging videos like videos about blogging, all what needed to be done if a blogger want to succeed in blogging. Seo, link building, off page Seo, on page Seo etc.


In conclusion as a couple carry out more research to know more trend topic on niche you can focus on you tube.

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