30 Business Ideas for Non-Profit Organisations 

30 Business Ideas for Non-Profit Organisations

Non profit organization are started and own by group, or a single body, but not with the aim to make money or start a business but impact life.

Non profit organization are design to help the helpless, to cater for those in need, shelter them, feed them, protect life etc.

So you as a care giver, or you have a inspiration or dream to start NGO but you do not know what types of non profit organization you can dive into?

You have visited the right site for important information on nonprofit ideas for student or types of nonprofits to start.

Non profit organization are started with aim to help the weak, sick, orphans etc.

The fund that will be used to run nonprofit organization will be contribution from various individuals or government, private organisation who are care giver.

Nonprofit organization is a branch create to cater for less privileged in humanity.

In this post I will explains all necessary details needed for non profit ideas for highschool student and non profit ideas to make money.

Business Ideas for Non-Profit Organisations 

Education for the poor

Education for the poor not everybody is financial stable, some are orphans,

so starting a non profit ideas in education is another to help various life across the globe, start a non profit organization that will cater and provide funds and scholarship for all students all over the world.

(Like Mother Teresa quote was called to be faithful not to be successful)

Campaign against vices

Campaign against vices is another non profit organization you can start today not with the aim of making money but, fight against discrimination, racism, Child Abuse, human trafficking.

Charity Auction Service

Charity Auction Service is another ways to rise fund for non-profit organization, you host a auction service rise fund and donated it to non profit organization, nor that you will keep the money at your personal savings account.

Refitting Houses for the Disabled

Refitting house for the disabled it is the catering for the house of the disables provide them with necessary tools, renovate the homes and provide them with necessary space.

Critical health conditions

Critical health condition is a humanity service that required as an NGo to rise fund for those with critical health issues like heart disease, HIV/AIDS, polo, kidney disease, lung disease, cancer etc.

Charity Casino Organizer

Charity Casino organizer is a way to rise fund and donated it to charity foundation, you as a care giver can start a casino business and all what is earn in the casino will be donated non profit organization.

Proper health care practices

Proper health care practices it is a non profit organization campaign against drug abuses, self medication, self diagnose etc.

Your campaign will be on how to follow right channel on drugs usage.

Save animals from going extinct

Save animals from going to extinct organizer a campaign on how to protect and preserve sets of rarest animals that exist on the earth but they are few.

First-Aid Training

First-Aid training is a another  business In the field of non profit organization, training individual how to handle health issue or injury during emergency period.

Opening a thrift store

Opening a thrift store is another way to rise fund for non-profit organization, the fund might be for animals protection, scholarship, fund for the poor, so the owner of thrift store can decide how the fund can be used.

Tie-Dye Party

Tie-dye party is a party that is organized to rise fund for charity foundation, and donation the tie and dye done during the party to non profit organization.

Trash Art Auction

Trash Art Auction hire expert in the field of bring out creativity in trash, and sell the creativity trash product at trash art auction and donated it to non profit organization.

Quiz bowl

Quiz bowl is organizing a private Quiz bowl and charge a entrance fee for attendee.

Creating a television inner master Chef

Creating a television inner master chef a cooking television show that will have different chef candidates that will contest and the best that get the highest Vote will be a winner. The television stations will more viewers and donation.

Run the Race

Run the race is another business ideas for non profit organization, just organize a run race as an awareness campaign to raise money for charity foundation.

A Dance Marathon

A dance Marathon is to organize a Dance race and the best dancers will receive a gift or a cash at the end of the dance.

Hosting Bike Relays

Host bike relays is another non profit organization business ideas, just for you to host a bike race and the winner of the race will receive cash at the end of the game.

Organising House Party

organising house party is another possible way to raise fund for non-profit charity foundation.

Craft Sales

Craft sale are you a skill craft maker, you can start craft making business to raise fund for non-profit charity foundation.


Localympics organize a local Olympic activities with the aim and objective to raise money for your non profit organization.

Athletic Tournament

Host an athletic tournament it might be football game, base ball, basket ball with the aim to raise fund from those that came for the sporting event.

Hosting sales Charity events

Host sale charity event is a event that look like an auction where you can raise fund for your non profit organization.

Opening animal adoption organization

Opening animal adoption organization it is a organization where you cater for lost pet, abandon pet, reject pet, it is one of the best humanity charity foundation you can start today.

Dodge ball Tournament

Dodge ball tournament is another sport event where you can raise fund for your non profit organization.

Battle of the Bands

Battle of the bands it is a event or a concert where you hold a musical programme with the aim to raise cash for charity foundation.

Home shelter charity foundation

Home shelter charity foundation is a non profit organization created to cater for the helpless, orphans, children that ran away from abusing etc.

Disable people

Disable people so starting a organization that will cater for less privileged and disable people, by defending them and provide for them.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt is another to raise fund for non-profit organization.

Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed get food donation from local businesses, and sell the food to raise a fund or donation.

Elderly care

Elderly care is another non profit organization business ideas you can start in anywhere today.


Charity are not founder with purpose of the owner to make profit but instead to impact and help life.

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