100: Halal Business Ideas for Muslims

100 Halal Business ideas for Muslims | Halal Online Business Ideas For Muslims

Best halal business 
Islamic Business Ideas 

Halal is something pure or right, that you can do freely under the religion of Islam, Islam is a religion of peace that hate unrighteous things or behaviours.

So starting a halal online business ideas is very good and unique, it is a business that will help you show case your business skills in Islam.

There some business that suit Christian faith but it is not acceptable in Islam, and also in either ways some business that suit Buddhism religion that does not suit Christian faith so all business ideas that suit halal are well explains in this post.

Halal business is one of the biggest industry in the world that generate trillion of dollar year, it is a industry that focus on Muslim consumption goods and services.

Are you looking for or what type of halal small business ideas or halal business name and halal work from home you have visited the right channel for the right information on how to start a small halal business.

In this article I will explains best small halal business ideas you can start as a Muslim in 2021.

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Halal Small Business ideas for 2022 | Halal Online Business Ideas For Muslims

Halal Recipe Blogger

Halal recipe blogger is another business ideas that suit Muslim faith that you can start today and make cash, buy a premium hosting and domain and share your taught on various halal recipe food.

Halal in-home Takeout

Halal in home takeout it is a business you can start by offer food cooking service for your Muslims customers.

Islamic Marriage Bureau

Islamic marriage bureau is a Muslim business ideas that deals with find Muslim partner that suit each other for marriage, like finding wife for Muslim brother or finding husband for Muslim sister.

Halal children story publisher

Halal children story publisher do have good writing and drawing skills in Islam field, you can start writing unique story of Islam and with demonstrative pic, sell them and make money.


It is a business that deals with how to train an individuals to have various writing design skills, it is good lucrative business in the field of Muslim faith.

Halal greeting cards

Halal greeting card it is business that deals with producing halal greeting card that can be used various the Muslim festivals season.

Painting and art

Painting and art is another business opportunities for Muslim entrepreneur, draw of imagination picture, and various that unique art and make cash.


Tailor is another good business opportunities that require to go to tailor school learn the skill for various month, before you can now start your own Tailor business.

Islamic marriage counselor

Islamic Marriage counseling is another business ideas in the field of Islam that will you advising, teaching various Muslim couples how to overcome life challenging and how to build a good Muslim home.

Video game

Video games is a business for Muslim brother and sister, if they have good programming skills, they can used it to produce various Islam content games and make cash.

Candles and incenses

Candles and incense are regular material used to various religion all over the world, if you have skills in the field of candle making, starting making candle and make cash.

Halal cosmetics

Starting up a halal cosmetics is an lucrative business ideas you can start in the field of Islam, that is not against the rules and regulations guiding Muslim businesses.

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Sporting clothing

Sporting clothing is another unique ideas for Muslim entrepreneur, by producing hijab for Muslim ladies that participated in various sport events.


Creating of magazine that covers various Islam event and teachings.

Starting up a magazine industry that promote various Islam news and programme.

Halal cooking tutorials

Halal cooking tutorials it is business an individual in Islam field how to cook good fine and delicious foods. Like organising cook classes.

Halal blogging

Blogging can make you a millionaire if you do it right, starting a blog as Muslim brother or sister is another precious ways to make alot of money, but blogging required hard work and consistency and uniqueness work to succeed in the field.

E-book publishing

E-book publishing is another business opportunities in the field of Islam that can fetch you cash, but you need to get a blog of your own, create a e-book on Islam faith and upload to them to your blog.

Halal pharmaceutical

Start your halal pharmaceutical it is a industry that deals with creating of various medical drugs. Carry out all necessary research to know what steps needed to start a pharmaceutical industry successfully.

Halal tourism

Becoming halal tourist guide, it is a good business ideas for Muslim brother and sister in the field of Islam, to take up Muslim tourist guide job now and starting making a living.

Halal Child Care Service

Halal Child care service there are Muslim patient that are always busy and need good Muslim day care service for their children, you as a Muslim entrepreneur can start up a daycare Centre that cater for children.

Halal Caterer

Halal caterer is business that deals with cooking, but not personal cooking but cooking in big event such as birthday, wedding, etc.

Halal bookshop

Starting up a halal bookshop business it is business that deals with selling of various Islam books materials like Quran tesubli etc.

Historical book store

Historical book store is another small business ideas opportunities for Muslim brother and sister looking for what types of business to start online.

YouTube channel

Start a YouTube channel, you can become a million on you tube if the right things is done, it is big platform that have various Islam niche you can focus as a Muslims entrepreneur.

Life coach

Life coach business is a business that deals with teaching people to live a positive life, and also giving physical life advice.

Private tutoring

Private tutoring like a business that deals with teaching those that knowledge on how to write and speak Arabic fluently and accurately. It is good business ideas for Muslim brother and sister.

Clothing store

Clothing boutique or store is another small scale business ideas in Muslim industry that you can start today and earn a passive income.


Bridal is a business that deals with selling of wedding dresses based on Muslim faith.

Fashion designer

Fashion designer is another big business ideas in Muslim or Islam that trend a lot in Islam industry.

Carry out necessary research out now and it will required a capital.

 SEO consultant

Seo consultant is another business opportunities for Muslim brother and sister, to offer the service of search engine optimization to the blogger that demand service, and Seo service is very expensive.

God bless profitable ventures

Halal Bed and Breakfast

It is a unique business that you can start at the comfort of your home, and the business required little amount to of capital, it is a business that deals with accommodating various official guest and Muslim tourist and make more money and good Standard of living.

Halal in-home Takeout

It is another unique business that can be also done at the comfort of your home, that require to cook a delicious food, quality food and set up a notification notice at the front of your that quality food is available in your house.

Islamic Marriage Bureau

It is Islamic marriage organisation that will help you find best Muslim suitors for you, either you as man or a woman in the Islam field, so you can start the business by finding best suitors to each and every Muslim brother and sisters.

Play the duff

It is Islamical Instrument in Islam once you know how they play the instrument well you will earn at a eid praying ground, Islam wedding and various other big gathering in Islam setting.

Halal Food Truck

It is another small scale business that require maximum capital, it mobile business that required moving from one place to the other selling various sorts of halal food, the food that abide with the Islam law.

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Online Tutoring

There are various home and student that are in need of tutoring, most especially online tutoring, if you have good teaching skills or you are well trained teacher you can start the business successfully, by looking for pupils or student in need of your services. And the job will earn cash.

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Tour guide

It is a business activities that deals with guiding various Muslim tourist to there various destination, by taking them to the necessary site, explain some facts to them,  and giving basic knowledge things or places on their visit.


It is like online radio station that you can discussed various unique Islamic topic, that will draw attention of Muslim brother and sister to your channel, or programme, you can sell affiliate product on your podcast and some sales.


There various network or website you setting your account and start making money from the site, depend on the types of job you choose on the site, there are site like upwork, fiveer and other that is freelancer site that available for free. The business is very profitable once you gain ground in the business.

Halal Wedding Planing

It is another business opportunities for Muslim entrepreneur the business deal with budgeting, planing, arranging, or preparing a wedding activities according to their demand. There is ways Muslim wedding is plan, and the business is quite very unique.

Halal dating app

It is a business that deals with developing a Mobile App where by various Muslim brother and sister connect with each other according to Islam faith and they will hook and end up marrying each other, you can hire a app developer to develop the app for you or develop yourself and upload it to necessary channel.

Halal online niche websites.

So as a Muslim brother and sister you can start a website that deals only with Islamic studies, there are various topic on halal that you can write original contents and monetize the website depend on what monetization method that suit your taste.

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Halal affiliate marketing

It is another bigger business online that deal with selling of various kind of Islamic product on your blog or online once they bought from your affiliate program link you will earn a commission in return from buying from your blog or your online store.

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Halal online counselling

It is job that deals with advising Muslim brother and sister on life issue they have and how they overcome the issue and become and winner, or advice to Muslim married couples, or advice on which life career job you can choose, so the business can also be done online and you will earn massively.

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Halal E-commerce store

it is another business opportunities for Muslim entrepreneurs it is online job that deal with sellings various Islamic product online, through your website, like online stores where by an individuals can get all sorts of Islamic materials conveniently.

Halal  interior design

It is a business that deals with decorating in room in a Islamic structure, if you are a skillful interior décor, you can start the jobs, or affiliated with big construction company that need the services, the business is also profitable.

Halal speech writer

It is a business that required your good writing skills, there some big corporation that need a skillful writer that will write unique, constructive speech for them, the job is profitable.

Halal Ebay seller

it is another platform like amazon but you sell for amazon, but on EBay you can sell any of your stuff or Islamic material and you make bigger cash in return, depend on how quality is your materials, it is another platform for Muslim entrepreneurs.

Halal online recruiting

It is another business opportunities for Muslim entrepreneurs, the business required to register those that needs job from certain company, government agency etc.

Halal online Etsy

It is online platforms where you can sell the materials you make by yourself from home, it is a platform where you can sell your unique materials.

Quran online tutoring

Allah bless Quran, Quran is rarest unique books that cannot be compare to other books, there are various Muslim homes that need tutoring for the children, the job is a committed works, not a work that you will be waiting for profit, Allah will reward you if you do it willingly.

Online business plan writer

It is another creative job, there are newness business that looking for professional that can write business plan for them, it is profitable business that can generate you more income by constructing standard business plan that those that need the service.

Halal Expire domain business

Expire domain with longer year tend to rank fast on Google, once you are able to get a unique ones, expire domain is a profitable business that can fetch you million, depend on how quality the expire domain.

Teach A International Language Online

It is another business opportunities online for Muslim entrepreneurs, if you can speak more than one international languages, there is opportunity for you online to start a language teaching business for those that willingly to learn a certain language.

Halal online course

There are million of topic online that various people from the globe are search for answer to those question, so you can develop unique contents on various topic online, and sell them at a very unique price, there are site online they you will certain and they will sell your product for you.

Halal online video editing

It is another profitable business that deal with editing video for your client and meta labeling the videos for more attraction and more view on platform the videos is posted.

Zoom Online Training Events

It is another online platform used by various big corporation, used for passing message during a business work shop, public training and various others.

Airbnb halal online

It is website where you can rent out your housing property and earn a good commission in returns, if you are looking for unique method to earn from your rent, air halal is available for to get more profit through your rent.

Halal WordPress plugins

It is business that deals with selling of various unique premium wordpress plugins, a blogger or a wordpress owner would have understand the meaning of a plugin, there are some plugin that premium, there service is not free until you paid before you can used them.

Marriage coaching online

It is another profitable business for well trained Muslim counsellor, the job to advice couple, on basic law of Islam, how to runs their home with love, how to runs their home with basic understanding and how they will live good and healthy life.

Halal virtual assistant

It is another business opportunities that deal with helping a celebrity or a influential person to manage their business in some aspect or serve as personal assistant to them. The business is also uniquely profitable.

Halal online business consultant

They those specialist that know what and what you need in your business, they know where you need to adjust in your business for better improvement, they are well trained business personnel that trained individuals, advice, instructions and lay protocol of business that will help a business grow and succeed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Allah Says About Business?

That men will earn from his hard labor, which is our sweat, no food for a lazy man, find something doing, God will not come down from heaven to help you, but help yourself by find a unique work that suit your destiny.

How Do You Become An Entrepreneur The Halal Way?

By seeking Allah guidance first, and carry out various research on what businesses that suit you, raise capital, find  a good location etc.

Which Surah Is Good For Business?

Ask your local cleric for guidance on what Surah is good for business.

How Do Muslims Do Business?

Muslim by keeping all the Islam law, be faithful, honest, truthful etc.

What Is The Difference Between Haram And Halal?

halal is something that abide by Islam law, that all Muslim can do it, while Haram mean unholy or things that go against Islam doctrine, it should be avoided by the Muslim.

How Do Muslims Succeed In Business?

By being committed, by generating new ideas for their businesses, by be generous, and keeping all islamic law guiding business.

Where Did Prophet First Go For Business?


Is Bitcoin Halal Or Haram?

It is Halal, it legal in Islam

How Much Does Halal Certification Cost?

Depends on pricing structure in your country.

What Does Islam Teach About Wealth?

Islam teaches that we should not be obsess with wealth, or seeking wealth at all cost, but we should be faithful and abide by God words, because everything on earth will pass away one day, vanity upon vanity.

Is Apple A Halal Stock?


What Is Takaful Insurance In Islam?

It is a insurance company in Islam, that help individuals Muslim businesses in times of crisis, if the business invest properly with them.

How Much Profit Is Halal In Islam?

We can decide them, but do your business according to the law guiding Islam and do not be greed.

What Common Business Practice Is Forbidden By Islam?

Betting, clubbing, strip club, gambling, selling of pigs, hard drinks, selling of cigars, etc.

What Does Prophet Muhammad Say About Business?

Muslim brother and sister should be faithful in all their Dealings, and be honest and never collect bride from anyone.

Is Passive Income Halal In Islam?

Yes, it is.


In Conclusion carry out necessary research physical  to know what it takes to start all the businesses mention above, you must find something doing to survive in life and make a living.

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