3 Unique Background Check Franchises Available for Sales

3 Unique Background Check Franchises Available for Sales | Background Screener of America

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Are you looking for alternative background check franchise that quite unique and excellent for your business, franchise are there to help small business owner flourish and also to help to make individuals business grow fast.

Background check Business it is a business that deals with research about individuals past to know if they got good and clean record, before they can be hire or do some certain job, or those that want to employ those individuals will have full confidence in them.

So we have carry out few research on various background check franchises that offer low cost franchise background check to those individuals who do not have enough fund,  location, or require skills to start background check Business on their own.

Background check Business it is a unique business ideas for entrepreneur dreaming to start the business successfully, it is a business about how life of individuals are runs in the past, carrying out research on past record of mental health of an individual.

So in this very post I will explains various background check franchises available for sale or franchises background checks.

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3 Unique Background Check Franchises Available for Sales | Background Screener of America


Applicantsafe it is one the background check organization in the United States of America, the organization was founded in year 2004, and she offer various like applicant tracking software, pre-employment screening, electronic I-9, and drug testing and assessment products.

She start her franchising program in year 2011, and have 3000 customers, so they carry out background check service out in a very professional ways.

The following are the requirements for her franchise service :

Financial requirements

Liquid capital required $50,000
Net worth required $200,000 Investment $55,800 – $122,000   Franchise fee $39,000

Background Screeners of America

Background screener of America they are well organized background check Business reside in United State of America, that offer various franchise opportunities to franchisee.

They offer screening such as individuals backgrounds checks, mental health background check, original past record check and various others.

The following is the capital investment for there services or there franchise application services

Financial requirements

Total Investment: $19,950 Cash Required: $19,950

Trusted Employees

Trusted employees it is best background check Business in United State of America, they offer various franchise opportunities, they have been in the business for long, they know how to carry out the business out well, they carry out unique screening for various organization, school, baby sitter business, elderly home business etc.