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23 Legit Way To earn Online Without Investing For Student


23 Legit Way To earn Online Without Investing For Student

Table contents

1. Start as a freelancer

2. Web Designer

3. Video Editor

4. Online Marketing Job to Earn Money Online

5. Music & Audio

6. Graphic Designers Make Extra Income Online:

7. Business Assistant

8. Become Online Mentor

9. Playing Video Games

10. Make Money Using Facebook, Twitter &Instagram

11. Blogging (Best way to Make Money Online)

12. 8 Ways to Make money from your blog

13. Private Ads

14. Affiliate Programs

15. Google Adsense

16. Product Sales

17. Donations

18. Teleseminars

19. Job Board

20. Add News Content and Videos

21. Start Youtube Channel

22. Create Ebooks

23. Create an Android App

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There are countless of ways to earn huge income without investing any cash online.

Okay moreover I will discuss best and legit ways to earn positive income online without investing through been intelligent and been smart. There are standard job online with huge income you can start without investing any cash, this post will enlighten you how you can start a job online without investing just with your smartphone or laptop or computer.

But through hard work one’s can earn online without investing, no life can survive without money, money is essential in human life. Money bring about positive changes in life of individuals.

For student, young entrepreneurs, individual who wished to venture into online businesses you visit the right site for full and important information, because money is essential in human life.

Online job are simple to start without capital, you not need a office, car, worker it is simple job that you can start at where or location. It just used required used of your sound mind, brain and computer laptop, or smartphone for the job.

What online job demanded from young entrepreneurs mental and fundamental skills, it is require to become successful in online job, my content with expose you, motivate you to start a good and suitable online business without investing.

As a young entrepreneurs we learn day by day, so our knowledge and understand increases each on a particular skills we choose as a field of occupation.

This content will enlighten you, indicate point and view on how to start a free business online without investing.

These are the list of business you can start online without investing, or huge capital or payment of huge amount of taxes.

23 Legit Way To earn Online Without Investing For Student

1. Start as a freelancer
freelance is a best option for young entrepreneurs, that required no capital or any investment.

it doesn’t matter who you are? Do not be stress you can still earn good and suitable good amount of money online without investing through freelancing.

as a you entrepreneurs you can sign up a account with a site Upwork, Fiverr,, peopleperhour all mentioned sites are best for any individuals who wished to start freelancing business.

You can start the freelancing business with low amount cash as tags list for your skills, further when you gain ground, the young entrepreneurs can then increase is price for skills.

2. Web Designer:

If you got a good skills in computer programming, it is raw gold of opportunities for you to earn massive amount of money online without investing

Whether you know coding or not, can still learned how to created a web blog, or how to created a word press blog which can fetch massive amount of income daily.

What is needed by the entrepreneurs is properly learn how to create a well design WordPress blog, through you will earn a lot of   cash online without investing.

.3. Video Editor:

Video editing is also a cool job you can start online without investing, it can also been chosen as a full time job, online with spending a dime.

It is one of unique job opportunities you can start very fast online without investing. There are various video editing software online that you can down load and accurately used for the job.

There are different types of software video editing software online, depend on the one the suit your taste. And there various video editing apps on google play store, created and designed for editing videos. It is a good and suitable online business you can start without investing.

Online Marketing Job to Earn Money Online:

Online marketing is a important job online, it is a job that enable you promote your brands, there series of bigger companies online that wish that there goods or product can be well promoted.

Online marketing is promoting a brands online with the uses of different types of methods, you can promote any thing online once the product is unique or add a meaning values.

Online marketing are social media marketing, video marketing, email marketing, surveys, web analytics, influencer marketing, mobile advertisement. So can start this job without investing dime.

Here you just need to act with social media and online platforms. There is no need to invest money to get this job too. You can work as much as you want and can earn money online passively without investing

Music & Audio:

There is another way you can earn passive income online without investing which is musical talent. If you are good in music activity, you can sell your music skills on online and earn a lot of raw cash without investing.

Once you are talented in music can earned with that your talented, you can earn with your songs.

If you are songwriter, you can sings, mixing, raw music presentation, podcast, make sound, how musical instrument can used to produce good beat and sound, you will surely earn passively online without investing.

If you try to develop and make used of your talent not only at home but also online, your talent can fetch good and huge amount of cash for good and standard life settings.

Graphic Designers Make Extra Income Online:

Graphic designers is one of the best online business that you can start without investing any cash. It is means creating editing and making various types of meaning images, the aims to serve as various purpose for that online businesses that needs unique image for theirs businesses.

if you are talented in creating unique image you can sell them online to make a suitable income. creating the images with programs software.

There various image editing software on internet you can used for the job, e.g. picart, inshot, the following software can be used to editing and created unique images. Moreover you can used adobe photo shop for advance and unique image.

You can start by creating album cover, book cover, logos, social media banner, illustrations meme, and various other design that fetch huge amount of money online. Graphic design is one of the best job you can start online without investing and much stress.

Business Assistant:

You can call it a business assistant or virtual assistant. It is also a handy job to do online without investing. Here you can earn from $20 – $100 per hour according to job obligatory and your skills.

So many people work as a virtual assistant for companies and clients. Here you need to carry out their day to day activities so that their business tasks can be fulfilled.

You can easily become a virtual assistant to work for data entry, email management, social media management, market research, business plans, branding services, legal consulting, financial consulting, business tips, presentations, etc.

Becoming a virtual assistant is not a bad idea to earn money online without wasting any more money. You just need to create a portfolio and start approaching clients. There are many small jobs for which people are finding you.

Become Online Mentor:

Are you the most knowledgeable, motivated person on any topic or research of human life ? Do you know so much or intelligent, good about something?

Online mentorship is the job of a teacher, motivator, counsellor who try to enlighten, advice, encourage their client in various life issues. You will need to consult your clients about any certain problem. Try to become a problem-solving person and help people in their life to achieve their goals. It is a job that deals with advising, teaching, client how to live good and better life.

Your mentorship can provide your services in many areas such as spiritual and healing, family and genealogy, relationship advice, health advice, nutrition & fitness related advice, astrology & readings, spiritual & healing, family & genealogy, gaming mentor etc.

To commence your mentorship services, you just need to identify which is the best option for you. For instance, if you are a 40+ adult, then you might be a good adviser on relationship matters, nutrition & fitness related advice, spiritual & healing, family & genealogy, mentorship job is to impact pure raw of knowledge to various life’s and to bring about positive changes in theirs life’s.

Playing Video Games:

you can make earn online without investing any cash by playing games, I mean video games are interesting to play, we do enjoy them. There some games application programs that pay you for playing their video games.

Here is another way to make money online for free. Videos games are entertaining to play, and we all love them. But do you know that some mobile apps pay you to play games on their app?

These mobile gaming apps organize video game competitions and reward money prizes depending to your scores. If you have good skills and talented to play video games, you can make easily money by engaging in their competitions

Some regular video games like Fortnite and  Pubg organize huge official tournaments to win cash prizes. These games organize matches on a yearly or half-yearly basis.

Many third-party companies also organize these video game competitions. You can win money prizes depend to your skills.

If you are lover of video games and believe that you have pro player standard, then you should definitely try these tournaments to make few extra cash online without investing.

Make Money Using Facebook, Twitter &Instagram:

Have you ever heard about making money online without investing through these social networking sites?

It is completely possible to make money using these social networking platforms as many of using these sites personally. However, you should have a massive number of followers for any specific reason.

For example, many fashion stylists regularly share photos and content related to trending fashion. That’s why thousands of people started to follow them.

If you have the same situation like this and you have a fan following of a few thousand people. You can earn money here by sponsored posts, sponsored stories, sell your own products, sell your photos, affiliate marketing, influencer promotion & reviews, etc.

As you know, Facebook has a user base of billions of people. You can easily create any topic there. Post on your page regularly, and you can easily earn money by paid posts.

Instagram is also the most popular photo-sharing platform. Many Instagram users increase their followers by regularly updating their content. After that, they can quickly post sponsored content on their account.

Blogging (Best way to Make Money Online):

Blogging is the most successful online business to start making money online without investing. Here you can make from $5 to $50000 monthly or even more than that.

Blogging is a way to express your ideas to the world. You can write your thoughts on your blog. This is the best way to share your ideas and make money online.

Also, It is simple to create a blog and start earning money using many different monetization methods.

You can use many platforms to create a free blog, but is the best option here. helps you to create a free blog and monetize it with Google Adsense.

Here you can create your blog for free. It is an open platform to use their free blogging plan. Here you can easily start blogging and can make money online by publishing AdSense ads on your blog.

In addition, provides you a free blog; therefore, your blog will not have its own name here. For example, your blog/website name will be something like this

It does not provide you a free domain name, something like

This is the reason why people have to buy a personal domain name for their blog, which is also available at $1 at

You can also create your self-hosted blog at a low cost. Here you will have complete control on your website. There are multiple benefits of creating a self-hosted blog rather than the free one.

Here you can control all your data and files by yourself. You purchase the domain name and hosting for your site. It means nobody can damage or harm your site without your consent.

Many websites provide free platforms to create a blog, but these websites will have all the controls in their hand. You can’t wholly customize or change your website settings.

Therefore, buying a hosting plan and domain is always the right choice. You can buy a cheap domain and hosting plan on Hostgator only for 3 or 4 bucks efficiently without investing.

 8 Ways to Make money from your blog

Would you like to make money with your blog without investing? The following are 8 best ideas to make money with your blog. If fact, these methods have been used by pros such as Darren Rowse from Problogger. Currently, Darren averages a yearly six-figure income from his blog. He’s certainly an inspiration, but I’m sure his success didn’t come overnight. I would imagine it took time and a lot of testing before Darren was able to pull in a six-figure income. However, with a bit of time, determination, hard work, and testing, you too may one day celebrate your first six-figure income, and here are a few ways to help you get started:

Private Ads

Many bloggers earn an income by selling personal ads related to their blog. 125 x 125 banners seem to sell the best and take up the least amount of space on your blog.

If you decide to sell private ads on your blog, the first thing you should do is decide on a price.

Next, you’ll need to create an advertising page that includes your price, the type of ads you’re selling, your demographics, and ordering information. If you need a little help choosing a fair price, check out “How Much Should I Charge for my Advertising Space?” over at Problogger.

Affiliate Programs

Sign up for a few affiliate programs. Then, after you’ve registered, choose a few products or services related to your blog. Some popular affiliate programs that pay on commission are Amazon Associates, Linkshare, and Clickbank.

If you have the money to invest, purchase some of the products or services you’re promoting to write a review. Be sure you include your affiliate link in the review. I’ve read many success stories from affiliates who chose to invest in writing an honest review and earning their readers’ trust.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is another program that is a popular income generator for bloggers. However, to do really well with this program, your blog should be pulling in quite a bit of traffic, and sometimes it depends on your blog’s niche as to how much you could earn without investing

Product Sales

Do you have products related to your blog? Then sell them to your blog readers. If you don’t have a product, create an ebook, or turn your blog into a store and offer it to your blog readers for a reasonable price.


Ask for donations through PayPal. You’d be surprised how many people will pay for the information you dish out.


Are you looking for a way to earn online without investing?

Teleseminars are becoming more and more popular among bloggers. Join the ranks by creating your own teleseminar and selling it to your blog readers. Make sure the teleseminar you create relates to your blog and offers excellent advice that you’ve never mentioned through your blog.

Job Board

If your blog provides freelance writing or blogging advice, you may want to consider adding a job board to your blog. Charge advertisers a small fee to place their advertisement on your job board for X amount of days, and allow job seekers to view and apply for the jobs free. Not only will a job board add to your blogging income, but you’ll also be giving your blog readers a reason to return to your blog.

Add News Content and Videos

Finally, embedding relevant news content and videos on your blog from the Voxant Newsroom is another way to earn money without investing as well as return visitors.

StartYoutube Channel:

YouTube is the second most visited website in the world. Everyone is diverting from text to videos. People prefer video content over text content. YouTube is the next most successful online business without investing.

Right now, YouTube does not have that much competition like Google. If you still did not start your YouTube channel, you can be lost an excellent potential for this online business.

No matter what you do or like to do. Just record everything and upload it on YouTube. Make your channel more interactive and help people to resolve their problems.

Getting success on YouTube is much easier than blogging. It is because right now, there is a lack of content on YouTube. But the market is becoming competitive very fast. People are creating thousands of new videos every minute.

So without wasting any more time, start your YouTube channel and make money online without paying anything.

You can easily make money here by placing AdSense ad on your videos. You need to make your channel valuable, and you will start earning without investing.

Create Ebooks:

While many people are not showing interest in Ebooks, some people are selling hundreds of ebooks and earning thousands of dollars each month without investing any cash.

Writing an ebook is as simple as writing a Facebook post. First, you need to identify which topic you can write an ebook. Create a masterpiece content that helps people to solve their problems. Make sure you are not dull people instead of allowing them to solve their problems.

How can I read an Ebook which does not look cool and jazzy? Try to make your pages more appealing with animated pictures. Use an excellent color combination to make it more engaging.

People are losing interest in books. You need to put a lot more effort into making your ebook more catchy and colorful. So that more and more people will love it.

After creating your ebook, you can start selling it on Amazon, Google Books, etc. platforms. You can also promote your ebook on some related blogs. This way, you can earn a massive amount of money by selling ebooks without spending a single dollar.

Create an Android App:

Do you know how to create an Android app? No, you don’t need to take any web development course.

You can just create an Android app by following a few simple and easy steps.

Google has made it so easy to create simple Android apps. You just need to read those steps on the Android developer website. It does not require any technical skills to create an accessible app.

By creating a useful app, you can put Adsense ads on your android app. Here you can earn money online without any hassle. You don’t need to spend extra money to set up your online business. Try to solve some typical problem among people and create a helpful app for the world.

conclusion: this are the set of online business you can start successfully without investing in them.

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