22 Unique Steps: How to Prosper in Business as a Christian Entrepreneurs

22 Unique Steps: How to Prosper in Business as a Christian Entrepreneurs | Stepping Out on Faith and Starting your Own Business


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How to Prosper in Business as a Christian Entrepreneurs | Stepping Out on Faith and Starting your Own Business


Are thinking as a Christian entrepreneur that how to prosper in a business as a Christian entrepreneur, there are various biblical principles that can used that will make you prosper in any business you wished to start!

God business ideas there are a lot of God business ideas or Godly business that you can do as a pastor that will not hinder your faith and you will make a lot of money, pastors are not to depend on their member always but they find a God given business ideas that will help their financial needs.

Starting a business God’s ways there some small scale businesses or Christian online businesses that you can start as a man of God or side job that can even makes you a millionaire, there are a lot of tons of business that never go against biblical principles. That business will help you leave a independent life.

Doing business with God it means you commit all your business plan to God, pray, fast, read positive Christian business books that will help you succeed in any skill business you want start as a pastor, I hate pleading or begging from members of your church for financial need or assistance.

When God calls you to start a businesswhenever God called you to start a business you will feel inspired and you will be filled with new ideas, logic and with all biblical principles guiding a successful business.

What is God business they are those types of business that meet up with biblical principles on business, you can start a strip club now and call it God business, you start a hard drink or cigar shop now and called it God business.

How to start a Christian online business there are business opportunities online you can start as a Christian, there some businesses online required capital or no capital at all online e.g. YouTube, Christian music blog, freelancer, app developer, chef, baker, start a vending machine business, a business coach, a counselor, tutor etc.

Prayer for blessing a new business before you start your dream business prayer with all heart, pray for guide, direction, blessing and grace and empowerment of God that will help succeed in the business.

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Put God First

As a Christian entrepreneur to have great accomplishment and success he must put God first in all is dealing, put God First in everything you are doing, put God first in your life, put God First in your business, put God first in your family, and you shall see a greater result and God impact in your life.

God have promised in his scripture that he will never leave you, once you serve God with good and generous mind you will surely prosper in all your business activities as a Christian.

King David in the Bible was a favorite servant of God, due to he put God first in all his dealings and serve God with all his heart, his one of the most blessed king Israel never had,  why because he put God first.

Associate Yourself with Positive Thinker that have the same Vision as you

Those you mingle with at time matter a lot in business, Business mogul do associate themselves with those that can offer them positive value, not with backbiter, slanders, gossiper or those that are filled with negative thought.

Mix with right minded people, those that are filled with new ideas, those that are filled with great inspiration of success, those that have successful business empire, those that can coach you and show you direction of success.

Mingle with those that are ready to go to greater height not lazy unserious set of people’s. Wrong set of people’s will hinder your grow and success.

Brainstorm Possible Ways to get and Retain Clients & Customers

There are various possible ways to get customer willingly to your business and there is also a positive ways to retain them,  first of all you must offer quality services, unique service offer to your customers,

once your service structure are unique and they can not get it anywhere else they will s surely come back for your product or services.

And also have good hospitality structure, be friendly and accommodative with your customer, listen to their concern and complain adequately, give enough room for your customers.

You can satisfy a human being no matter what but try your possible best.

Be Skillful and Knowledgeable

As a Christian entrepreneur you must be caution and excessively wise and diligent, with proper mind of intelligent to govern and supervise, direct and carry out your goal in more enhancing ways.

As an adage “Be wise like a snake and gentle like dove” stay at caution at all time, to raise a business empire require not only physical wisdom but spiritual direction and godly help.

And used your spiritual experience to handle your business, because experience is a grand master of all knowledge, if you are wise, intelligent, clever and yet you do not have enough experience, the journey still require you to learn from all various life challenging which will help you grow.

Raise Enough Capital for Your Business

The grandest master of starting up a business which is capital, without enough capital you can start any business successfully, learnt how to caution the ways you spend, Business entrepreneurs are always filled great skills of calculation.

There are three to four ways to fund your business, either get them from your personal savings little by little, or you might ask from help from your families member, the kind hearted family members that can help you with soft loan or that can raise capital willingly.

Or either you get government grant for small scale businesses in your country, government grant is another effective ways to get capital investment for your business.

The last place to get fund for your Business is bank loans, you can get soft loan from bank.

Write a Business Plan

It is one of the important factor to a prosperous business, so construct a solid business plan for your business, like total amount of capital needed, good location for the business, you must know your target market, register your business with right government agency, and how you are going to promote successfully.

Get Good Commercial location For your Business

Let your business location reside where your target market are, established your in a city with enough population, not rural area with less people, start your business in big urban area or village.

Final Thoughts

Finally be watchful and prayerful, commit yourself to your business with your whole heart, and massive seriousness, and generate new ideas that will help grow, have it in mind that Roman was not build in a day.