20 Unique Business Practices For The Christian Entrepreneur

20 Unique Business Practices For The Christian Entrepreneur | Importance of Christian Ethics in Business






What are the Business practice of Christianity

Christian business ethics pdf

Judaism business practices/principle

Importance of Christian ethics in business

Christianity in the business world

Christianity in business

What is Christianity ethics

Five biblical business ethics principles

Ethical teachings of Christianity

Business lesson from the Bible

Christian work ethics

Are you as a Christian looking forward for a business practices for Christians entrepreneurs, there are basic law of right and wrong a Christian entrepreneur must know, they should know both the good and bad ethics of in Christian business and how to doing the good one and reframe from the bad ones.

What are the Business practice of Christianity

It is a basic practice that implies that a Christian entrepreneur should be humble, loyal to it customer, be transparent in all their dealings, and they should keep praying at all time.

Christian business ethics

It is a basic requirement or rules and regulations guiding all Christian business activities, like law of good deeds that a Christian entrepreneur must abide on, in their daily business activities.

Importance of Christian ethics in business

* You must be loyal in your dealings

* You must be friendly with all

* Be kind as a Christian entrepreneur

* Be a truthful person in your business

* Put God first in all your business activities

* Be humble as a Christian entrepreneur

* Do not be a lover of money

* Be a cheerful giver

Christianity in the business world

Christianity have contributed a lot to business world, majorities of new advance technology device we are using on daily basis are created or invent by Christian entrepreneurs, Christianity have contributed a lot to global market.

What is Christianity ethics

Christianity ethics it is basic law of right and wrong, or teachings of individuals of consequences of both what is wrong and right, keeping to God words which is righteousness and teaching the to run away from evil deeds.

Five biblical business ethics principles

* Put God first

* Pray with ceasing

* Be humble

* Generate new ideas for your business through God words

* Be transparent in any of your business activities

Ethical teachings of Christianity

* Fear God with all your heart, and keep on to his commandments

* Honor your father and mother

* You must not steal

* You must not commit adultery

* You must love your neighbors as oneself, but be wise like a snake and gentle like a dove when handle your neighbor.

In this post I will explains all unique business practices for Christians entrepreneurs and importance of Christian ethics in business.

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20 Unique Business Practices For The Christian Entrepreneur

20 Unique Business Practices For The Christian Entrepreneur | Importance of Christian Ethics in Business

Build a Good Relationship in your Circle  

One of the greatest ethics of business in Christianity is be good, be jovial, friendly and be nice to everyone that one of the important things that will help you generate various customers to your business voluntarily.

A Christian entrepreneur must learn how, or what are tactics needed to generate soul not only for your business but also gaining soul for Christ, so to get soul require proper thinking with calmness soul.

So it is important to gain soul in your circle first, so serve as a good examples of love to everyone, Serve as a gift of care for everyone in your community or circle, that one of the best example as a good Christian who truly know rule and regulation guiding Christian ethics.

Do not Ignore those Customer that never Patronize your Product or Services but Persuade them through Love and Care till They Become your Regular Customer.

Do not give up on the race to gain customers that are not yet patronize your business, or ignore them, but continue Inviting them to your business, associate yourself with them and make them your friend,  as a Christian entrepreneur we are committed soldier that must learn how to get potential soul willingly.

So not only winning customers for your business as a Christian entrepreneur but also win soul for Christ, keep on patronizing them in love understanding, care and always at disposal to help them.

Be Serious and Concentrate on your Goal

To achieve your goals as Christian entrepreneur is not a simple task but it required full concentration and hard work, to achieve a goal is not what you start today and start reaping very fast, but require commitment and full strength before you can get to your length.

Do not be distracted or discouraged at the beginning because there will be a challenges but never give up, because Rome was not build in a day, success require full concentration and unique thinking that will render you new ideas to reach your success.

cocola soft drink industry was not big at the beginning but eventually grow to one of the biggest soft drink in the world, due it commitment and powerful goal, so do not let down your goal down.

Be Full With New Ideas that Will Help Generate Greater Development For Your Business

To become a business mogul require to be intelligent, smart and genius and do carry out tons of research for developmental goal of your business, you are to study to generate more ideas for the development of your business. Business development deal with create rarest ideas for your business.

So you need to be intelligent that will help you think rightly on your own and make decision and make positive amendment in your business. Smartness will help you to know when to act fast in implementing a logic or procedures in your business.

Do not Be Proud And Always Stay Humble at all Time

One of the best spirit of righteousness is to be humble no matter what, do not feel proud about your success, or whatever property you possess but stay humble at all time.

Proudness can hinder success and progress of your business, it can also lead to down fall of a business, so be simple as a Christian entrepreneur and try as much as possible to possess spirit of humbleness.

Because we brought nothing to this world, whatever success or money you got is grace of God, and all everything in this world is meaningless, vanity upon vanity says the preacher.

Don’t Jealous or Planned to Destroy the Progress of your Competitors But Plan to Win Naturally

Do not grow evil thought against your competitors, or plan to destroy their business systematically, but grow your business according to God will, do not be selfish toward your competitors but find a unique ways to grow your business and be a winner without destroying others.

Also Help Others Christian Entrepreneurs Who Need Your Help in Starting Up a Business

Also help other entrepreneurs who need your help on running and starting a new business, explain necessary tactic and logic needed to start a business successfully.

Help with new more ideas, how they should prepared their business plan, capital needed for business, how to gain customer and to keep the customer, teach all necessary biblical principles guiding any business activities.

So be a fruitful and be resourceful to other who are seriously in need of your help.

Always Improve And Make Correction in Your Business

So there is no business that is completely perfect, but due to taking necessary steps and action and making amendment will help a business rapidly.

Be watchful and take caution whenever you make any errors in your business, introduce new positive ideas into your business.


Stay focused on endure more and more on God words, study well, and always take right decision for your business, always Listen and keep all law of faith in your business.