20 Top Muslim Female  Entrepreneurs Who Have Make Positive Impact

20 Top Muslim Female  Entrepreneurs Who Have Make Positive Impact | Muslim business Ideas

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As men have make big impact in industrial field through Islam  religion, they have bring about positive change or revolution to some businesses so the Muslim female entrepreneurs are not left out in development of industrial field as well.

Muslim female entrepreneurs have contributed their own quota to the development of various businesses and to their business, they have created change and bring about positive value to the society as well.

There are some Muslim female entrepreneurs that stand up for various civil rights activities in the Middle East, and fighting for right of an individuals that needs help, or fighting for women from various abuses and others.

Muslim female entrepreneurs have contributed their talent, skills, to the modern world and make their community and Muslim world proud. Women are blessing to a nation, nation cannot succeed without women, women are builder of homes and society at large.

Muslim business ideas

Like business that is not Haram in nature, there are various halal business a Muslim entrepreneur can do successfully that did not go against Islam doctrine. There are some business you can start with no capital, there are some that require little capital, there some that require much capital investment.

E.g. food truck business, freelancer, start a YouTube channel, halal blogging, become a tutor, start a pharmacy, start a gym business, Islamic Marriage counselor, open a restaurant, sell expire domain, etc.

Muslim business owner

They are those Muslim entrepreneurs that have a well established business at hand, through keeping all Islamic business basic principles. Are various Muslim entrepreneurs that have created thousand of job and have bring about positive change in there various countries.

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20 Top Muslim Female  Entrepreneurs Who Have Make Positive Impact

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20 Top Muslim Female  Entrepreneurs Who Have Make Positive Impact | Muslim business Ideas

Esra’s AlShafei

She is internet sensational civil right activist, that stood up for the right of the workers in Middle East, she keep her face private for security reasons, due to strict law guiding Bahrain, according to Islam law limited right and power are granted unto women, she have be of great blessing to her generation and stood up against any abuses or maltreatment.

Loula Zaklama

She is a Egyptian born entrepreneur and have great innovation and start a raise a adverting agency successfully in Egypt and as serve as a model to other women, government or higher project cannot us develop fast but by creating a unique business empire that will help youth and serve as blessing to their nation.

Heidi Belal

She is Egyptian entrepreneur that co-found a web development industry with her husband, she later start her own cookie business and create various jobs for it people and contributed her own quota to the development of her nation, entrepreneurs are builder of a nation.

Yasmin Helal

She is a Egyptian and former basket ball player and she study engineer at school, and she has established a awareness organisation that will help youth discover the career job or business that suit them. She also help the needy or people with special needs.

Randa Abdou

she a daughter of a political activist and she also start and setup a lab, she as a good examples for her generation through be strong and fearless to her society affairs. Muslim female are doing great wonderful things.

Maali Alasousi

She is a Kuwaiti born entrepreneur that have her early education in Egypt and United States of America and later return to Kuwait to start her tourism agency, she later sell her company and relocated to Yemen to help the poor.

Dr. Yasmin Altwaijri

she is Saudi Arabian born scientist, that carry out various research on diabetes, and mental health issues or illness, she one of the famous Muslim female doctors that existed in Saudi Arabia. And she created various informative awareness for her business.

Asma Mansour

She is a Tunisian born entrepreneur that full with great passion for growing successful business empire, she start a social organisation that help young entrepreneur to bring there dream ideas into reality, she one of the woman that help Muslim industry in one way or the other.

Yasmine El-Mehairy

She is Egyptian born  sensational entrepreneur woman, that start a industry that cater for women, a industry that care for need such as how to improve their cooking skills, various tips and enlighten they needed to handle themselves when they are pregnant.

Dana Al Taji

She is a Palestine born Egypt entrepreneur, she has a boutique called LAYAL in Egypt, she filled great innovation and aiming to reach greater height to hard work and smart thinking.

Jalila Tamallah

She is a Tunisian born entrepreneur, that owned a larger flower farm, and she also gives loans to small scale businesses and for better improvement in their business, she was even a drop out and work on  farm before she start her own flower farm business, Muslim female entrepreneurs are changing the face of world through their constructive skills.

Deena Fadel

She is an Egyptian entrepreneur that quit a her job under private advertising agency to start her own business, her sell home accessories, she contributed her ideas to the development of Egypt.

Rasha Shehada

She is Palestine born entrepreneur that succeed her father company and she resided in United Arab Emirates, her father started a diamond line business in 1997, she contributed her thinking and unique ideas to the society by creating more job for youth.

Rama Chakaki

She is a Syrian born entrepreneur, she founder of good news a website that cover news and other niche that can help searcher become informative and finding answer to their unsolved.

Sally Sabry

She is a Egyptian entrepreneur that co-found a clothing line business that cater for the needs of breastfeeding mother, and some other helpful clothing for women, the industry was founded in year 2006, Egypt female entrepreneurs are unique and blessed with great entrepreneurship skills.

Nisreen Shocair

She is Syrian born entrepreneur that based in Dubai, she started a industry called virgin, a company that cater entertainment in middle and North Africa. She quoted said while instead to western music, she will rather listen her home country unique song.

Sabah Nazir

She is female entrepreneurs that founded a company called Islamic moment, in year 2004, and company produce various card like greeting card, inspiration card, birthday card.

Sheeza Shah

She is a Muslim entrepreneur that founded the effect up crowding funding that are used to cater for the poor, provide good ethical materials to the needy, she study computer and entrepreneurship at Nottingham University, she one of Muslim woman that try their best to help the needy.

Shahin Hussain

She was born in the uk, and she founded non-alcoholic drinks company, it is against Islam law for a to drink alcohol, she found a soft drink company that produce Nojito and Strawberry Mockiri.

Muna AbuSulayman

She is a was a woman that through reality show in the whole Middle East, and she an ambassador in UN, and she a key member in some key Muslim in world.

Final Thought

Muslim female entrepreneurs have contributed their talent, skills, knowledge and new ideas to the development of their society, Muslim entrepreneur cannot be left out in national development.