20 Lists Of Unique Wealthy Christian Entrepreneurs that bring about positive change on Earth

20 Lists Of Unique Wealthy Christian Entrepreneurs that bring about positive change on Earth | Lists of Christian Billionaires Entrepreneurs and Businessmen

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Who is a Christian Entrepreneurs?

Christian billionaires entrepreneurs are those with great innovation, positive, got quality leadership skills, know how to plan, they are always filled with positive ideas and they hate negative, they are smart and hard work individuals and they are devoted to their religion with their whole heart.

The wealthy Christian businessman always succeed in their plans because they are ready to take up task or challenges and they always succeed and win, they are blessed follower of Jesus Christ.

Christianity have thousand of billionaires that have contribute their knowledge to the lives of an individuals in global sphere, Christian millionaires and billionaires are filled with great passion for success.

We have various black Christian entrepreneurs that they filled with great initiative and they have grow various business empire that helps their nation and create more job opportunities for their youth.

We have thousand of famous Christian investor that they invest their cash in bigger industry today they make billion of dollar from the investment alone.

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Lists Of Unique 20 Wealthy Christian Entrepreneurs that bring about positive change on Earth | Lists of Christian Billionaires Entrepreneurs and Businessmen

1. Strive Masiyiwa, The Founder of Econet Wireless Group

God bless Africa, he is African, Black Christian billionaires that dwell in telecommunication industry and have 15 branches in various African countries across the globe, his one of the black entrepreneurs with great innovation and he have brought thousand of Zimbabwe youth out of poverty and create various jobs for them.

2. Cher Wang, The Founder of HTC Corporation

She is a Taiwanese Christian businesswoman, and the founder of HTC corporation, she was born into a wealthy family in Taiwan, she is a daughter of Y. C Cher Wang, she have her education in oversea country, she is a female Christian entrepreneurs that have bring about positive change in her society.

Madam C.J. Walker, The Founder of The Walker Method

May thy blessed all African American entrepreneurs, madam C.J. Walker is a female black Christian entrepreneur that was a slave at a the beginning, and lost her parent at early age, she works as a sale agent, before she start own her business, she is one of the first black American millionaire in the United States of America.

John D. Rockefeller, The Founder of Standard Oil

He is a oil mogul, that have biggest oil refinery in United State of America in 20 century, his a Wealthy Christian entrepreneur that have great vision to set up as business empire at age 20, and start his standard oil at age 24. He is one of the richest entrepreneurs back then before his death.

Henry Heinz – The founder of H. J. Heinz Company

He is a business mogul in United State of America that was a devoted Christian, he was the founder of H. J. heinz company, he was born in 1884 and died in year 1919 to a specific illness.

Asa Griggs Candler – The founder of Coca Cola

Coca Cola is one of the most celebrate soft drinks in world, billion of Coca Cola drinks are produce yearly,

is one biggest producer of soft drinks in the world, the company was established by Asa Griggs candler, he was born in the 1851, is a devoted Christian that fund churches and founded one of the best school in United State of America, Griggs died in 1929.

Mary Kay Ash – The founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics

she get a slogan that inspired all ” God first, family second, career third, she is a retired government officials, that she later founded a cosmetics business called Mary Kay cosmetics, she is a devoted female Christian entrepreneur that help and assist various women, she died in year 2001.

Peter J Daniels – wealthy Businessman and a public speaker

His a Australia born businessman and motivational public speaker, his was born in year 1932, and get converted in year 1959 in Australia, is a great philanthropist that have help many soul in his community in Australia.

Tom Monaghan – The founder of Domino’s Pizza

he was a devoted catholic businessman that own Domino’s pizza, Detroit tiger, he has retire from his company after thirty eight year of service, and devoted all his to serve God.

Dave Thomas – The founder of Wendy’s business

His Christian entrepreneurs that founder Wendy’s business, he wrote several unique book, he name his business after his daughter, he was born in 1932 and died in year 2002, his Wendy business is one of the third Hamburger in u.s.

Stanly Tam – Founder of the US Plastic Corp

He is a devoted Christian, that love faith work a lot, he became from humble background, and his a hard work man that later found a success company called plastic Corp.

David Green – Founder of Hobby Lobby

He is one of the faithful Christian entrepreneur, his network far back at 2018 is $6.8 billion, and was born in year 1941, his one of the most successful wealthy businessman on earth.

Henry Parsons Crowell – The founder of Quaker Oat Company

He is rich Christian entrepreneur that was born into a wealthy family in year 1855, he is a devoted and committed Christian and set up various foundation the assist the Christian mission.

David Steward – The founder of World Wide Technologies

He a black Christian entrepreneur that have make a lot success in technology sector, his one of the richest black Christian entrepreneur,  he filled with great ideas and a good devoted Christian.

Sir John Templeton – The founder of Templeton Mutual Fund

he is British born American businessman, devoted Christian, politician, author that was born in year 1912, and also the founder of Templeton mutual fund, he fund various school and construct various churches.

Sam Walton – The Founder of Walmart retails and Sam’s Club

His family presently are one of the richest family on earth. Sam Walton is devoted prayerful Christian that founder Walmart mall stores, one of the biggest chain store in United State and whole wide world.

RG LeTourneau – Founder of Earthmoving Machineries

His one of the great innovator in term make and producing earth moving machineries, he was born in 1888, he one of the blessed Christian entrepreneur of 20 century.

Larry Burkett – Prominent author and a radio personality

Larry  burkett is prominent Christian author that make million from writing various unique books that can help Christian, he message are broadcast over 2000 radio station, his teaching deal with bring out Christian from debt they will able to stand on their own.

Samuel Truett Cathy – Founder of Chick-fil-A

His a Christian entrepreneur that came from humble background, and was born in 1921 and died in year 2014, he is generous Christian that offering various scholarship opportunities to student and various other faith works.

Miles Ezell – Founder of Purity Diaries

Miles Ezell is a devoted Christian and a successful businessman, his company generate nearly $170 million annually, God used him through various charity foundation or charity works.

Final Taught

Christianity have make a lot successful business mogul, that contributed their quota to the development of nations they found themselves and make positive change globally.

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