20 Home remedies for bigger hips and buttocks

20 Home remedies for bigger hips and buttocks 

Are you a woman looking for ways to shape your body into sexy structure, looking for ways to make your hips and buttocks become bigger naturally without surgical or abusing any medication, you have visited the right so far today on home remedies for bigger hips and buttocks naturally.

To get sexy attractive buttocks or hips as a woman you needs to watch your diets, do not eat just any how but eating moderately, and eat good and healthy food if you are craving for good looking sexy buttocks and hips.

Another ways to get a well structure bigger buttocks and hips is to frequently do some exercise to crave for a good shape and well composed body, there various exercise you can do as a woman that will make your buttocks bigger, sexy and attractive.

Not just a exercise that you are going to do for few days and expect a result instantly but it might take up to six months to see the result of your exercise.

So there some home remedies that you can also apply to your buttock or hips to help the process of making them big.

So there question like Vaseline for bigger buttocks enlargement, Vaseline and toothpaste for bigger buttocks, how to make hip enlargement oil at home, Vaseline and olive oil for bigger buttocks, how to get bigger hips in a day,

how to get big buttocks and hips in three day, how to get bigger hips in a day with pictures, what can I apply on my buttocks to make it bigger the following question will be well explains and solid answer will be provided to the questions.

In this post I will explains all necessary details needed or home remedies for bigger hips and buttocks without stress.

Home remedies for bigger hips and buttocks 


Yoga is a exercising or meditating of soul mind and body, yoga is a good form of internal connection exercise that can get you big and well refined bigger buttocks, so register for any yoga class or exercises today, it is will help you have a firm and sexy body.

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating means you should eating good balance diet that will help your bum grow naturally and the buttocks will be sexy and beautiful, so if you are looking for good body shape, you are to eat wisely and maturely, you can just eat any how, just any food, but protein food that will help your bum grow systematically.

Avoid fried foods

Avoid fried foods because fried food is a rapid body building food, fried food will increase your weight, or add more fat to your body, so avoid fried food at all cost when craving for bigger sexy and attractive buttocks, fried food is not advisable.

 Use of herbs

there are natural herbs for longer and big pens, why don’t search for natural bigger buttocks herbs, that will help your buttock to grow very fast and it will natural and be free from any side effects, search your local market for local made herbs that can make bum bigger and sexy and beautiful.

Wear High Heels

Wear high heels can crave big and sexy buttocks for you, high heels is like a exercising shoe that develop muscle or that make your buttocks develop positive shape that is sexy and attractive. If you wear high heels always there is a probably that you will have good and nice shape of buttocks or hips.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is another good drugs that can help get a fresh skin and develop various parts of your body, even the breast, taking fish oil will make you get bigger hips and buttocks, but you must be taking the drug on daily basis, and you must not stop the drugs, multivitamins and fish oil it is a good drug that will give you a good skin and we develop body.

Cardio Exercise

Cardio exercise is another form of exercise that you can be doing that will give you good and solid hip, it is a form of exercise that can make your buttocks bigger at a very fast rate, so looking for best cardio exercise centre in your town and register for program or session.

Exercise for buttocks enlargement

Exercise for buttocks enlargement another means to crave for bigger buttocks and hips is doing various types of exercise that will make the buttocks bigger, sexy for the viewer, try as much as possible to do a lot of proper exercise if you want a bigger buttocks.

Various types of exercises that can be done for bigger hips and bum


Clamshells is another form of exercise that will give good and sexy buttocks, Clamshells is not form of exercise that will be done in few days and stop, but it will be constant and regularly. So gather more information on Clamshells online to know how the exercise is done.

Glute bridge

Glute bridge is another form of for food and better bum, it is a exercise that make your buttocks grow bigger, so gather more information on you tube on how the exercise can be done, adequately.

Walking lunge with weights

Walking lunge with weight it is a types of a exercise that will help get nice and craving bum, check out you tube channel on his walking lunge is done.

Chair pose

Chair pose is another home remedies to get bigger and sexy hips and buttocks, it make look weight and get a nice good buttocks or good structure bum shape.

Jumping Squats

Jumping squats is one of the technique to get bigger hips or buttocks without stress, it is one of the best exercising method to get a bigger and sexy buttocks, check out you tube channel on how the practical example on how the exercise is done.

Side leg lifts

Side leg lift is another form of exercise that can help you gain bigger hips and buttocks.


Squats is another form of exercise that help the hip or buttocks grow well.

Corsets to accentuate your hips and buttocks

Corsets to accentuate your hips and buttocks it is a form to make hips and buttocks get slimmer and attractive, by accentuate your hips and buttocks.


In conclusion it is advisable to make more info on how to make your buttocks or hips both online and offline, to know which or perfect one that suit you.

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