20 Business Ideas for Pastors to Make Money Pastor

20 Business Ideas for Pastors to Make Money

Pastor are good Shepard of God that called by God to deliver God message, save soul, changes life of an individual from negative to positive, pastor duties is to refined and blessed soul.

But at time it not good for a pastor to depend on his church members for is daily income, or is financial expenses, pastor are not to force any to sow, or assist a church at all cost but it must be willing fully, business is not a business center where you earn money or forcing your members to contribute to God works at all cost but willing fully.

Once you have not make it big in pastoral industry, it is left for you to find something doing, no food a lazy man, their some pastor that do said that God and said they should not do any lay man job, it is necessary for a pastor to find a daily job either you not have enough member or have not make wave in gospel industry yet.

Pastor are to find something doing, do not depend on your member for financial assistance at all times, it create low self esteem from your church member but instead pick up a good nice job that can fetch you solid income, your wife, children, you will pay bill, find something doing as a pastor, am sharing this out of my personal experience.

So are you looking online job for pastor or side job for pastor that you can start and make cash you have visited the right site for important information on best business ideas for pastor.

There are multiple stream of income for pastor either offline or online that can earn you a good living that you will not depend on your church members.

In this post I will analyze and explains necessary ideas or good business ideas for pastor and also faith-based entrepreneurship, passive income for pastor and how evangelist can make money.

Business Ideas for Pastors to Make Money

Online Course Facilitator

Online course facilitator is a business ideas for that pastor in the field of education that have high and more advance teaching skills,

So, you can start offering teachings to lesson or tutorial to student that need more Knowledge  and understand in the various studies, it can be done both online and offline.

Catfish Farming

Catfish farming it is a business that deals with rearing of fishes, it will required a solid capital from you, land, digging of ponds, food for the fish, running cost etc.

Public Speaking

Public speaking business is another small scale business you can start as a pastor conveniently, training an individuals who do not have good communication skills in public or they are not bold enough to present speech in public.

Public speaking business is another business opportunities that require capital as a starter.

Gospel Blogging

Gospel blogging is another business opportunities for pastors, buy a host and domain, and start writing on various topic that people are searching on search machine, and also gospel music, and earn money on the blog through ads network or affiliation programme.

Gospel YouTube Channel

Gospel YouTube channel is a you channel the will promote various gospel teachings, sermon, Sunday bible school etc.

 E-commerce Business

E-commerce business is a good business, who wish to add something to it gospel work, create a e-commerce blog and start selling various church instrument and materials.

Freelance Writing

Freelancer is another business opportunities online that can make you a millionaire if you do the right, it is a business that deals with writing skills.

Event Equipment Rental Business

Event equipment rental business that deal with leasing out various event materials like chairs, tables, pot, plates, it is a good and nice business ideas.

Christmas Greeting card

Christmas greeting card creating of various greeting card that carry various bible verse, spiritual quote, and inspiration words.

Start a school

Another ways to make big is through start a school, carry out necessary research on what school,  what capital, location, manpower needed for the business.

Start a Candle business

Candle production is another good business ideas for pastor looking for unique business ideas online.

Publisher a children Christian story books

As a pastor carry out solid research out in the Bible and find unique story in the Bible, used them to produce a story book with good picture as an example.

Open a Bookshop

Open a bookshop where you can sell various materials that Christian used in church, like hymns books, bible, chart, story book etc.

Open a Pharmacy

Pharmacy is another big business ideas for pastor, that need solid capital, market research, good commercial location, it is good lucrative profitable business ideas for pastor.

Open a Theology School

Open a theology school it is school that train pastor, on the rule and regulation guiding the Christian faith, it is good lucrative profitable business ideas for pastor.

Writing and Publishing Your Own Books

Be creative as a pastor by writing a positive and spiritual books that will teach develop and help an individuals in various field.

Graphics Designing

Graphics designing it is a business that deal with creating various unique images, and sell them to right client and make cash as pastor.

Start a Bottled Water Production business

As a pastor you can start a bottled water production, bottled water production business needed solid capital, market research, suitable location, manpower etc.

Christian Wedding store

Christian wedding store that sell both couple wedding materials like suit, gown, wristwatch, shoes etc.

Real Estate

Real estate it is an business opportunities for pastors looking what types of business to start offline, real estate Is a solid job you can start as a pastor.


In conclusion, pastor find something doing once your church have not fully grow yet, find a good job that will fetch cash and make a better living from it, do not depend on your member.


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