15 Steps How to Start a Gym Business From Scratch

15 Steps How to Start a Gym Business From Scratch | How Much Does it Cost to Open a Gym

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Are you thinking of what method you can used to start a gym business, gym business is a business that deals with exercising the muscle, craving for good well fit body, good blood flow and live a healthy life, exercise is very important in our life, it help to get rid of obsessed etc.

Are you a entrepreneur looking to start up gym business, the business is simple to start but require capital investment, good commercial location, quality equipments and brand awareness to the public.

And every business need commitment, hard work, proper planing, research and target market which are your customers, start a business from scratch is not simple but require focus.

Cost to open a gym is not that simple or cheap, start up a gym might cost few little bit thousand of dollar for small scale gym business, medium scale might be a little bit higher so the business is good and lucrative.

In this post I will analyze steps needed to start a gym business and equipment needed to start a gym business.

How to Start a Gym Business From Scratch | How Much Does it Cost to Open a Gym

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Know the Industry

It is a fast promising industry growing more faster very day, and one of the big industry in United State of America that nearly generate $10 billion annually in the state, and have over twenty thousand register gym businesses United States of America alone. The business is booming like never before and you as entrepreneur can generate million from the business.

Carry Out Market Research

It is importantly necessary to carry out market research to know those that need gym service most, your target market age should within the age of 18 above.

Each and every one of us wish to burn calories through exercise, the service apply to different people from walk of life.

Big corporation, student, body builder, those with obsessed body, business men and women, young adult, sport men etc.

Understand the Major Competitors in the Industry

It is good as a business man or woman to know those you are competing with, you must how they run there businesses, tactics involved and logic involved, how they get customers to their various businesses and how they retain them.

Choose a Niche

Each and every businesses have area of specialization, gym business got various segment and department, you can choose a section that you know you can handle properly well. There some niche that deal with runner, or home exercises, swimming, weight lifting etc.

These are various niche in gym business

Swimming lessons Martial arts classes Cycling groups Sports camps Yoga Pilates Zumba (or other rhythmic, dance-based exercise opportunities)Women’s training Body Firming  Body Building.

Either to Buy from a Franchise or Start from Scratch

But it is advisable to start from the scratch, it might take year to build up a successful business but it worth your time and energy, it will give full right and administrative freedom over your business,

but if you are looking for quicker profit you can apply for any low cost franchise under gym business.

You will be able to used there brand to promote your business fast and get right customer to the business without much stress.

Write a Business Plan

It is another vital parts of business, for a success of a business you need solid business plan, the document will give all insight, logic and quality steps needed to start a business successfully.

Business plan will guide on how to structure your business, capital needed, good environment, and various other requirements to start your gym business smoothly.

Choose a Commercial Location for your Business

Find a good centre for your business, I mean a well established Commercial centre located in a city with million of population.

A centre with high traffic in urban area, business tend to grow fast in a big city than rural area that have less population.

Get the Equipment or Tools Needed to Run your Gym

Every businesses have there own unique tools or equipment, as a entrepreneur get aside enough to get all important equipment for your business, gym business require different types of tool e.g.

Resistance bands Weight machines, Flexion machines, Pull-up bars, Wall bars, Weight training, Elliptical trainer, Street Strider (elliptical cross trainer on wheels)Exercise machine, Dumbbell Kettle bell, Treadmills Hojoundō Pull-up bar, Medicine balls, Boxing Gear, Gym flooring, Barbells Cable Attachments, Weight plates, Benches Wearable items as proper footgear, gloves, and hydration packs. Filing Cabinets Notice board Employee Uniform.

Get your Business Insured

Get Best insurance broker in town that will recommend best insurance company for your business, the insurance will serve as back up for your business. In case any damage occur in your gym,  there will be a references.


Get all important and require document for your business, to register a business in United State of America only cost $750, which is nice and good, register your business all section in states, and get all required paperwork, license, for your business.

Create Brand Awareness for your business

Make your business known to public by getting enough space for your gym business successfully, set up a billboard all over the street where your business is located.

Make the business proper known in the city you Reside, your introduction and quality service to public matter a lot.

Final Taught

Final taught all business start up required proper planing, and hard work, and proper promoting to the public, you will earn if you plan the business nicely. Planing and proper thinking.

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