15 Biblical Principles For Christian Businesses Success

15 Biblical Principles For Christian Businesses Success | Biblical Principle of Marketing

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Christianity and Business success

Biblical business principle for Christian that will help them succeed in any business, there are quality and unique rules in the Bible that will help to handle a business spiritually with faith, and running a business successfully on good moral standard.

Christianity and Business success it implies that there are some basic law in the Bible that will teaches steps and method to following if you want to run and manage a business, there some Biblical business principles that require you as a Christian entrepreneur to pray, fast, or sit down a cool place to generate new and more ideas for your business.

Biblical principle of marketing there some verses in the Bible when you read them as a Christian entrepreneur it will lead you to deepest point of knowledge that will as a direction on how you can market your business well, various channel that will help your business grow very fast.

Five biblical business ethics principles they are the pure law of God for a successfully business plan, the following are the basic five biblical business ethics principles

* Do not be lazy as a Christian and stay focused on your goal, do not quit because of failure, failure is part of learning.

* Have a high esteem integrity spirit,  in sense that whenever you are doing it with your whole heart, and with the cleanest honest mind.

* Do not be a cheater because you want earn big profit in wrong ways, but earn accordingly in right ways.

* Do not be too ambitious, that I must get success at all cost, even if you become a scammer or a thief, be content with whatever you have.

What is biblical principle

Biblical principle is a unique rule and regulation guiding the Christian faith, there dos, and not dos, a biblical principle teaching us about how to live good and upright life as a Christian. A life that obey all God principles, he fear God, adorn him, worship him and keep to all is commandment.

God and business success

Put God first in all your dealings and he shall direct your paths and you shall make a lot of success in whatever business you chooses as a Christian entrepreneur.

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15 Biblical Principles For Christian BusinessesSuccess | Biblical Principle of Marketing

You must know how Management a business successfully

As a Christian entrepreneur you must have a spirit of management, how to carry out your goal efficiently, the spirit of proper planning, you must how to organize, execute a plan a without stress.

Management is one of the key policy of a business, management have a lot branches like how to manage your capital, how to manage a your staffs, and how to conduct and manage your customer effectively without stress.

Have a Good Integrity Spirit

For you to have a successful business as a Christian entrepreneur you must have good integrity spirit, a spirit of whole hearted committed soul to do something willingly and with most cleanest heart. Is one of the basic biblical principles guiding a Christian.

Integrity is one of the basic rules and regulations that help you as a Christian run and manage a business successfully, do not your business with Impure heart or uncommitted mind, you must be full and strong as a Christian entrepreneur for bright success in your business.

Be Financial Wise or Know how to manage your fund

Christian entrepreneurs do have good sense of calculation and proper management of fund, very successful businessman do have great spirit of fund or capital management, as a entrepreneur you spend your money wisely and have huge savings that will assist in nearest or present future.

Business is run with proper sense not anyhow, Business is run with great care and understanding, spending your profit or from your capital investment require caution and proper thinking, the capital or a profit make from smaller businesses that have not hit lime stone  yet are to be spend with caution.

Handle your Customers with Polite Manners

As an Adage “said customer always right” treat your customer in a well polite manner, address them in with good sense of humour, love, care and understanding, listen to their comment, treat them in a manner they will still back for your product and service rendering to them.

Handle with respect, do not fight with them a fight broke out between you and them, but reconcile with in a mature manners, and offer best quality service to them.

Create a Solid Brand awareness about your Business

Create solid brand awareness for your business as a Christian entrepreneur, it means your promote your business through various channels like your church, make your business known to every members of church,

Open a website for your business, a stable telephone line for your business, promote your business through radio and television stations in vicinity, print poster, billboard and promote your business on all social medias network.

Show a excellence leadership skills that carry biblical principles for business

To smart as a Christian entrepreneur, and do not be arrogant let alone let your profit or your success corrupt your mind, so show a good leadership skills, be friendly and act smart,

Do not money let you miss behave, but be kind, and have good sense of  human feeling, be humble, nice, gentle, and do not too much shit or nonsense from anyone, be wise like snake and be gentle like a dove.

Having a Unique quality product fair pricing

Do not be greed as a Christian entrepreneur, because too much of love toward Money will mislead you into deep sin, so caution your as a Christian toward money,

Let the pricing of your product follow the pricing structure of market law, when it is ten called it ten, do not let your pricing structure going out of market law due to high amount of profit.

Use your time wisely

Used your time wisely, used your spared time for proper thinking and great initiative and unique taught that will help improve your business or expand it to larger scale.

Let alone your time be used on positive things, always filled with positive taught, do not join bad group that their thinking is negative,
Avoid negative friend, association your with positive people, those that can give positive advice that will help and assist your business.

Turn your thinking  into a greater result

All ambition, or your inspiration dreamt turn them into realities, which and every ideas you generate on yearly basis implement them into your business one after the other.

Businessman are great thinker, and they implement new ideas, more improvement strategy into their business. Get more centre Innovation for your business, change your business structure in each year and better improvement.

like how business is run ten year ago might be weak or outdated, so you are to introduce new valid tactics into your business. Do not focused on outdated policy.

Keep good financial records of your business

Keep good track of all your financial spendings, you must the total amount of profit you make on yearly basis, total loss, the total of cash that come in to your business and total amount that went out,

Keep the record of your customer, if possible, financial record will help you analyze loss and profit gain.

Know your market and your competitors and how to outrank them willingly

Know your major competitors, study there strategy well, the logic and tactic they used, how they get customers to their business naturally, all the channel they follow, so analyze them well and bring a unique strong well plan strategy that will help you win.

Associate yourself with those that are filled with positive ideas

Show me your friend and I will tell who you are? Associate yourself with people that got vision as yours, disassociate yourself with those that are filled will negative thoughts that will not help you at all, but will distract you,

Associate your with right people do not just anyone but a person filled with new ideas and great innovation, a companion that can assist you in various logical ways.

You are to associate with the right people if you want to succeed in any business, that will help your business grow fast and stronger and make it active.

Be Thankful

As a Christian be thankful to God at all time, for whatever grace and blessing that have render to you, not because you are wise, or you have power but the grace of God works for you, be thankful In any situation you found yourself, as a Christian entrepreneur you must surely face tough challenges and never give up.

Final Taught

Final taught be serious and do not be lazy, associate yourself with positive friend that can help your ideas grow, be prayerful, be at alert at all time, and think wisely and best of luck.