10 Ways How to Write a Bicycle Courier Business Plan Sample Template

10 Ways How to Write a Bicycle Courier Business Plan Sample Template

Bicycle courier services it is a business activities that deals with delivery of various product like parcel, document newspapers, grocery, goods through using bicycle.

So, as a entrepreneur are looking what method needed to write a bicycle courier business plan or delivery service business plan you have visited the right site for important information on delivery service business model.

It is a business of commitment and hard work,  so starting up a bicycle courier business or delivery service is awesome.

So delivery service business plan deals with how bicycle courier business will be run or manage. Business plan is a document that contains how business will run and handle.

In this article I will explains all necessary details needed to write a bicycle courier delivery business plan and delivery bike set up.

How to Write a Bicycle Courier Business Plan Sample Template

Why Start a Bicycle Courier Business?

So starting a bicycle courier business is profitable business ideas, that require you delivery various products or materials to all your customers.

It is required you to get good and sound bicycle for the business and a tracker, it is a good business ideas you can start any where.

It is also a profitable business that will fetch you a good income and a standard life.

So carry out necessary business plan, probably the business do not required much or intensive capital before you can commence with the business.

Industry Overview

Bicycle courier delivery industry offer various service delivery of parcel, newspapers, document to big cities, local area across a nation, it is a business that generate $86 billion annually in United State of America.

It is business that deals with deliver materials that will cater for the needs of their customer,

it is a big business industry that operate in both local, national and international level, and business have created job opportunities for nearly 700,000 employees  it is good business ideas you can start today.

It is a business scale that require less capital as a starter, and easy to operate but need a lot manpower for the business to function effectively.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a Bicycle courier delivery business.

BUSINESS NAME: Wesley bicycle courier delivery business in Ilorin Kwara state.

Executive Summary

Wesley bicycle courier delivery business in Ilorin it is a business that have good ventilation facilities for the business, and all necessary tools and material to run and start the business efficiently.

Our office is located at Kwara state Ilorin, we hope in nearest future to have various branches of Wesley bicycle courier delivery business all over 37 states in Nigeria.

Our mission is to be the best bicycle courier delivery industry in Nigeria at large and in oversee countries

Wesley bicycle courier delivery business promise to offer best service all over Nigeria, we also respect our customer interest and follow all the rules and regulations guiding our business.

Our Products and Services

Our product and services of Wesley bicycle courier delivery business will be the best in Kwara state, and offer various delivery business to our customers. These are the various business services we offer in Wesley bicycle courier delivery business : Providing grocery delivery services, (i.e. independent service from Grocery Store)Providing restaurant meal (pizza and snacks) delivery services (i.e. independent delivery services)
(intra-city network) Providing local letter and parcel delivery services, (non-intercity network services) Providing messenger services, Serving as bicycle couriers.

Our Mission and Vision Statement

Wesley bicycle courier delivery business promise to establish best bicycle courier delivery service all over the 37 states in Nigeria, and Wesley bicycle courier delivery business promises to offer best and standard service to it customer.

Business Structure

Our business structure we set a high standards and employ qualify employees to handle and delivery our service all over Nigeria and oversea countries.

And our service will be fast and affordable.

We employ qualify candidate for our business from the administrative section to management section they going to be qualified personal and we’ll trained individuals to handle our customers and business.

Market Analysis
Target Market

So, we have conduct various market research and we have know who our target market are, it range from various companies, big organization, elderly ones, adult, student, campuses etc.

Publicity and Advertising Strategy

Publicity and advertising strategy we have promised to offer quality and best service in the whole Nigeria, we also promise to promote and advertise our business through various digital and manual transmission channel.

We create solid awareness for Wesley bicycle courier delivery business all over Nigeria through television stations, magazine, radio station, posters, banners, business card, handbill etc.

Payment Options

payment option for Wesley bicycle courier delivery business is very simple and fast with collect money for our service through various ways like the following : Point of Sale Machines (POS Machine) Payment via bank draft Payment via mobile money Payment via bank transfer Payment with cash Payment via online bank transfer Payment via check Payment via.

Getting Funds/Startup Capital for  Wesley bicycle courier delivery business

Starting up a business is not that simple and require solid capital to run and manage a business successfully.

Wesley bicycle courier delivery service have raise minimum capital through her personal savings and get a soft loan from bank to  bicycle courier delivery business successfully.

Our pricing strategy

The price of our service will affordable and moderate, and our pricing strategy will draw more customer to Wesley bicycle courier delivery business.


In conclusion it is necessary to conduct and carry out solid business plan to what to done in starting up Wesley bicycle courier delivery service.

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