10 Steps How to Become Moniepoint Agents and Get POS Machine

10 Steps How to Become Moniepoint Agents and Get POS Machine 

Are you looking for how to start a point of sale business under a company or agency with little capital or less, there is a company that can sell pos machine to it customer at cheaper prices.

Moniepoint Review is one of the best pos selling in Nigeria that sell pos machine at cheaper price or low discount to their representative.

How to become Moniepoint agents and get pos machine required a basic law and information, you can get the pos machine at cheaper price and you must meet up with a target on daily basis if you do not want the machine be taken away from you successfully.

There simple method how to operate Moniepoint pos in sense that you will operate the machine successfully, operating a Moniepoint required carefulness and you will some percent on the machine but you are to make meaningful sale on daily basis.

There are systematic ways how to become Moniepoint agents aggregator but you must keep to term and condition on the Moniepoint pos platform.

In this post I will explains all steps how to become Moniepoint agents and how to get Moniepoint pos successfully.

10 Steps How to Become Moniepoint Agents and Get POS Machine | How to operate Moniepoint pos

How to Get Moniepoint Pos and Charges Review 2022

Moniepoint pos is one of the most grandest pos machine provider in Nigeria, they employed Nigeria youth and created job opportunities in various ways.

To get Moniepoint pos machine it a little bit tight and required basic arrangements settings you cannot get the machine so simple.

The moniepoint pos machine is available in two types in analog types and android version types that you can operate on your android phone successfully.

How to get Moniepoint POS Machine

To get Moniepoint pos machine in your location or state you are to contact Moniepoint representative in your location or state, or they are either called the Moniepoint aggregator, so there some other to also contact them it will be mention in this post as the time go by.

You can contact Moniepoint representative or aggregator via twitter successfully.

Price of Moniepoint Terminal

Moniepoint terminal or pos machine is not for sale at any price, it will be given to you at a discount rate and you are to make up to #50,000 Naira on daily basis if you do not want the machine be retrieve from you, and the machine will be given to you at the price of #25,000 and the machine is not yours.

Moniepoint Charges

0.5%1000 -19900100 Naira Flat, 20K – 1000000, Deposit 20 Naira Flat, Any amount.

How to become Moniepoint Agent and get POS

It is easy to become a Moniepoint agents but you need to visit their office nearest to you in their your locality or contact their representative nearest to you, they will and guide you through how to become a Moniepoint agents and how to get Moniepoint pos machine in #25,000.

And you can also visit their official website and fill a form, the form comprises of your personal details, your email address, password, you will get feedback from Moniepoint representative after 48 hours. You will be able to access your account after 48 hours. This is the official website of Moniepoint.


What documents do I need to become a Moniepoint POS agent?

There various document needed from you when singing up for Moniepoint pos services.

It is important document like nepa bills, BVN number, bank account numbers, national id card, voter cards, your document of registration of your business etc.

Moniepoint POS login

To login to your Moniepoint is divided into three category, firstly you can download their app from Google Play Store, you can access through their official website, on both categories you can carry out various business transaction.

Moniepoint transaction charges

Moniepoint can charge up to N20 per sale, and it might increase if the service is in continual processes, Moniepoint sale point can charge up-to N6.2 per 4k withdrawal.

How to solve Moniepoint transaction limits

You move to next level on Moniepoint to avoid transaction limits, you move to business account on Moniepoint to avoid exceed transaction on daily basis. Business account have no limit on daily basis, you makes any amount of transactions you want on daily basis.

Login to your Moniepoint account and navigate to KYC level Scroll to your dashboard, click menu, and select settings, Select upgrade from the menu that drops down and that is all

Also, you can contact the team if you’re finding any trouble upgrading.

Disadvantage of Moniepoint

Moniepoint also have is own advantage and disadvantages, it disadvantages lays in sense that if you are unable to meet up with their daily sale sooner or later the pos machine be retrieve from you successfully.

Features of Moniepoint POS

Cash withdrawal Fund, Transfer Instant Settlement, Payment of Utility Bills, Funding betting account.

How to Unblock Moniepoint Terminal

Follow the following steps to unblock the POS
Terminal Blocked
● Kindly log on to atm.moniepoint.com
● Go to your agent’s profile
● Under Reset Authorization PIN, input your Moniepoint online password
● Input your desired pin for the POS
● Confirm the new pin
● Save changes
● Otp will be sent to your registered phone
● Input the otp.
● Sign out and sign in again
● Restart the terminal.

Moniepoint login portal for your dashboard. http://atm.moniepoint.com

How can I contact Moniepoint POS?

You can contact the company through any of the following means:

Moniepoint office in Nigeria : 2 Wole Ariyo St, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria.

Moniepoint phone number : +234 814 150 0017 (Whatsapp only)

Email: support@moniepoint.com

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/Moniepoint/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moniepoint/


Final Thoughts

In short Moniepoint is help those that can meet up with their demand, pos machine will be given to you at smaller discount etc.

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