10 Step How to Get Kudi POS and Become a Kudi Agent

10 Step How to Get Kudi POS and Become a Kudi Agent | How to operate Kudi pos machine 

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There are various company online that give out point of sale machine at a certain discount, but you will be working under the company and you must  meet up with the daily target or else the machine might be retrieve from you successfully.

There are question like is Kudi pos machine good, Kudi pos machine is good and can fetch you meaningful income on daily basis, Kudi is a platform that empower all you entrepreneurs in point of sale business.

Kudi have a lot of benefit if you join the platform in orderly manner, you will sign up to the platform through their official website and fill in some details about yourself etc. There is a systematic ways to get Kudi pos machine successfully.

You can used android for Kudi pos service, not only point machine alone, the business is profitable and unique and will fetch you daily income if you see enough customers.

10 Steps How to Become Moniepoint Agents and Get POS Machine

10 Step How to Get Kudi POS and Become a Kudi Agent

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10 Step How to Get Kudi POS and Become aKudi Agent | How to operate Kudi pos machine

How to become a Kudi agent in just 3 simple steps

There are ways you can become Kudi agent successfully, it required to download their app, create account with the app and fund the account and start your transaction business successfully.

Like transferring cash, purchase of airtime, renewal of cables, etc.

About Kudi Company Profile and Review

Kudi pos company it is a well established organisation that cater for various financial needs, and the industry have branches over all African countries, the organization have provided various business opportunities to Africa youth.

Kudi financial institution is one of the well registered institution in Nigeria. The business institution is register with CAC in Nigeria, in aspect of giving pos machine at cheaper Kudi is best.

Kudi financial institution offer cheapest financial transactions through pos in Nigeria successfully. So you can register with them and start making daily fund and Kudi commission.

Kudi POS Prices

Kudi pos machine is quite relative cheap, in sense you will get the machine at very cheaper price, is less expensive, not expensive like real pos machine, the machine will be given to at good price.

The machine can be given to as low as #20,000 in Nigeria, and you become their agent successfully, and you must keep up to daily sale.

Kudi POS Charges

Kudi pos charges is quite very cheaper and affordable, per transaction which is Kudi commission is almost 0.7, and you can charge normal charges of pos service in location.

Transactions that can be done by Kudi Agent

Various unique transaction can be done Kudi pos machine terminal, the machine is not meant for withdrawal only, but you can transfer cash. The following transaction can be done on Kudi pos machine

Cash withdrawal (Kudi POS machine accept verve card, visa card, Master card, etc.)Tv subscription (like GoTv subscription, DSTV subscription, StarTime subscription and lot more) Utility bills payment (such as Electricity bills etc), Mobile topup (such as airtime purchase and data subscription), Check transactions Send money to any bank in Nigeria.

How to become a Kudi super agent

To become kudi super agent is quite easy and simple, to become Kudi agent is divided into categories, and the system required logic.

Becoming an agent by merit

You can become an agent on Kudi financial platform by merit in sense that you download their app from Google Play Store, set up the account on your android phone, connect it with bank account and start making sale.

Becoming an agent through payment

You can become their agent through payment method in sense you check nearest Kudi pos office in your location or contacted their representative and prepare sum #20,000 it will help you get Kudi pos machine terminal successfully.

How do I contact Kudi?

You can contact the fintech company through any of the following means:

Office address:


19b Bosun Adekoya Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria.

United States

1776 Sacremento St Apt 311 SAN Francisco CA 94109

Phone: 01 888 5008

Email: Support@Kudi.Co


In conclusion Kudi financial institution is here to help all African youth interested in pos business successfully, so register now and start making unique sale, no food for lazy man.

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