10 Most Trusted Ways to make money online

10 Most Trusted Ways to make money online

Having been moving around the internet for the past 9 years, gathering some vital informations.

When it comes to making money online believe me i have tried it all,

sometimes i got paid, sometimes i got scammed.

My 9 years internet journey really took a rough part because i had no one to guide me through my mistakes,

i lost a lot of money while trying to make money Online.

But right now you have me to guide you so you don’t end up loosing money in the process of trying to make money online  just like i did in the past years.

Am going to be sharing with you guys the most trusted ways to make money online that i have gathered for this past years that you can start using today and you will be guaranteed steady income, so long as you put in the hard work.

10 Most Trusted Ways to make money online


CPA Marketing


Running a Youtube Channel


Affiliate Marketing

Social Media Expert


Selling Personal Products

Making money online has been the desire of so many people on the internet, why this is not so easy to achieve for beginners,

experts on the other hand are making Money around $5000 to $10000 per month online.

some people today have given up on the aspect of online income after being scammed by multiple site.

There are so many sites out there that focuses on depriving people off there hard earned money while there are some that pays you as they promised.

With all the experience i gathered through my 9 years internet journey i can be able to differentiate between a good and a scam site right now just by looking at it.

2016 was one of my breakthrough years on the internet,

i was able to generate 6 figures from the internet.

i decided to quit my job in 2017 and focus fully on boasting my internet revenue.

in this article am gonna be walking you through my top 10 most trusted online money making methods,

some of this method are still what i used to generate income even till today.

Being a blogger is one of the top ways people make money online today.

Blogging is a means people can use to share there views on things and also to educate others.

As a blogger you can average not less 5 to 6 figures per year if you know what you are doing.

so many experts make a money and living through blogging.

How can you start a paying blog?

starting a blog is not as hard as it was in the past years. just with the click of a button, you can have your blog created in minutes.

Creating a blog has been made so easy for everyone who wants to,

you can create a wordpress.com blog and start making money from placing ads and many others.

there are other blogging platforms which you can use to start you blogging career,

but i highly recommend you go with wordpress or maybe with a free hosted blog with blogger.com

how much can i make through blogging?

you can actually make a good living through blogging alone.

A high profile blogger generates over $80,000 per year from his/her blog.

though blogging is not a get rich quick scheme,

you will have to put in the hardwork and be patience as a beginner.

in my previous i explained every single method on how you can start making a living with your blog,

make sure to check it out if you have a strong desire of creating a blog.


CPA marketing which stands for Cost Per Action marketing is one of my top ways in making money online.

This is a method that i found out around 7 years ago and even till today is still a method i cant do without.

i have thought several people on how they can start making a comfortable living while doing cpa marketing

Cpa marketing has to do with you promoting an offer and getting paid when a visitor/user completes a simple offer

how does cpa marketing work?

you promote a link, maybe lets say on your blog or probably on your social media, user clicks your link, user will be redirected to your landing page, user completes offer, you get paid.

CPA Marketing is actually different from affiliate marketing.

In cpa marketing, you dont necessarily need to sell anything whereas in affiliate marketing you must sell to make a commission

How much can i make with CPA marketing?

In one of my eBooks titled social media made me rich,

i explain how i was able to generate over $3000 every Month through CPA marketing with the help of social medias.

With Cpa markerting, you get paid when someone completes a simple offer, this include submitting emails, submitting zipcodes, downloading apps, free trials and lots more.

once you get someone to submit his email you will make around $1.7 to $5 per email submit.

and the amazing this about this is that you are not selling anything,

once a user clicks on the link, they will ask the user for email, user enters email(just email alone) and you get paid around $2 and the user will not be charged any money by doing this, so the user dont have to put there credit cards in there at all, so they can do it happily.

imagine getting around 100 people a day to submit there emails, you will be making not less than $200 every single day.

in my previous article i dicussed cpa marketing and everything you need to do in other to start making at least $3000 each month from cpa marketing

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Cryptocurrency as we all know is an internet based medium of exchange that uses cryptographic function to conduct financial transactions.

Crytocurrency is one of the leading ways in which people generate a reasonable amount of money online.

How does Cryptocurrecncy work?

Cryptocurrency has to do with investment.

you buy at a low price and re-sell when the price is higher.

around 10 years ago, the most popular coin BITCOIN was priced at $0.8, some people took the risk and acquired a whole lot of it while others neglected it.

Right now, as of MAY 2020,A single Bitcoin is being priced at $9,336.

lets say you bought around 100 pieces of bitcoin when it was priced at $0.8 per one,

probably you would have spent $80 to purchase 100 pieces and if you where able to help hold of the bitcoin since then,

right now you will be making a profit of over $800,000.

how much can i make with cryptocurrency?

it all depends on you taking the risk to invest and believing the value will the rise so high above the current value.

there are over 100 coins in the market now aside bitcoin, they include: Etherium, Bitcoin cash, Ripple, Litcoin and so many others.

so many of these coins are still price way below $1 and if you can take the risk and invest maybe $50 to $100 in some of these newly created coins and have patience,

in the next 5 to 10 years you might be seing a profit of over $100,000.

Note: As a newbie,do not invest in already made coins like bitcoin and others, rather invest in newly created coins so you dont end up loosing your money.

Create a youtube channel

Creating a youtube channel is one of the number top ways people generate huge income today.

hardly will you find anyone around the globe that doesn’t know about youtube in 2020. According rankings conducted by Alexa,

Youtube ranks among the top 3 most visited sites in the world.

so think about creating a video that can be able to reach over 1 billion people.

How does youtube work?

Youtube has to do with you creating a video.

it can be a tutorial video or a comedy video or a movie clip or scary video or a gaming guide or any other thing you can think of.

Youtube is a place where you can express your pasion and get paid for it.

You can make money on youtube through Google Ads most expecially or maybe through placing promotional or affiliate links.

you can also be highered by a top brand to promote there services on your youtube channel if they noticed that your boost a large number of monthly views.

How much can i make from youtube?

The amount of money you can make on youtube depends mostly on your visitors.

if you are running google ads on your channel, you can make more than $1000 each month with a nice amount of visitors.

in 2019, forbes recorded Ryan Kaji as the top kid earner of the year after generating around $26 million through a toy channel while Dude Perfect was runner up with $20 million. they made this money in a single year,

so if you are determined and focused believe me you can make a huge profit by creating a youtube channel today.


what is freelancing and how does freelancing it work?

Freelancing has to do with you accepting a project and getting paid once you have completed the project.

A freelancer is an individual who is self employed and not committed to a particular employer long term.

this means that he leaves once the project he took has been completed.

As a freelancer, you will need to be an expert or have a knowledge in a particular skill, because freelancing has to do with you getting hired based on the skills you outlined.

companies will hire you to complete a task that is related to the skill you developed.

so if you want to become a freelancer, consider getting a skill first before diving fully into it.

Though there is another technique use in freelancing term middleman,

which this you dont even need to have any skills at all, all you have to do is focus on getting clients and then hire someone else to do the clients job at a way lower price.

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Freelancing is a great way you can adopt if you want to start making money online.

As a freelancer, you get hired by big companies around the world to complete a particular project.

There are many websites out there that can help you get clients as freelancer, popular sites like Fiverr, upwork and freelancing among others helps to connect freelancers with job offers around the world.

all you have to do is to go to any of these listed sites and sign up

How much can i make as a freelancer?

How much you can make as a freelancer depend fully on hardwork.

if you succed in getting top company projeects you can generate over $5000 each month as top freelancer.

all you ahve to do is develop a skills and build yourself on it to be among the best.

set up your profile to look professional and start applying for jobs.

you should also set up a proffesional account with Linkden and get familiar with the platform.

in my future psot, i will be guiding you on how to go about your freelancing journey from A to Z.


what is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance based marketing where you get paid by business owners when you direct visitors to there site.

in Affiliate marketing, you get paid a commission when someone purchases a companies product through your promotional links.

As an affiliate, you can promote any product of your interest,

once you have selected the product, copy the your unique promotional link and start promoting it on your website or social medias,

once someone clicks on the link and purchase any product, you get paid a certain commission

how much can i make from affiliate marketing?

you can make a whole lot of money through affiliate marketing, it all depends on the affiliate network you are working with.

in one of my previous articles, i discussed guaranteed ways on how you can make over $1000 each month through affiliate marketing even with little traffic.

there are many affiliate marketing platforms out there that you can register with.

The best out there that i will recommend is clickbank.

Clickbank network will pay you around 50 – 75% commission per product sale.

so lets take for instance you are promoting a product on clickbank and the product is priced at $100,

if you are promoting this promote on your website on any other place and someone clicks on your link to purchase the product, you get paid up to 75% commission,

that’s around $75 in pure profit from a single product alone. so if you work and get around 10 people to purchase this product, you will generate around $750 in pure profit in a single day.

Social media influencer / expert

Being a social media influencer is among the top methods you can adopt to start generating income today.

social media influencer has to do with you posing as a public figure on some social media platforms or maybe a profile or page with a lot of visitors and engagements.

you can get hired by top companies to advertise or promote there brand on your social media profile or page for your viewers to see.

you can also make a huge money from your fans or followers by posting an affiliate product or CPA offer on your page and getting paid when your followers completes an offer or purchase a product.

as a social media influncer/expert, you can also generate income by modelling clothes and shoes from big companies.

How much can i make as a social media influencer?

In my previous article, i discussed on the topic social media wealth which covers the techniques on how you can start making money from your social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the rest of them.

The amount of money you can make as a social media expert/infleuncer will depend on your deal/agreement with the company that hired you to promote there brand for them.

if you have a high number of followers and you develop yourself as a public figure, you can generate not less than $92,000 per year from top companies and also through affiliate networks.

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Search engine optimization has to do with you being able to boast a site ranking/presence on search engines.

Though this sounds like a kind of skill instead of a method, but its still a top way for anyone that possess the skill to make huge income each year online

how does seo work?

SEO has to do with an organic method implemented to boast a website or companies presence on the search engines.

when you search a particular keyword om google, you will find out that some post came first while others are on the next page and even up to page number 100,

so as an seo expert is your work to make sure that these websites doesn’t appear on page 100 when people search a particular keyword instead they will rand within the top 3 pages on any search engine.

how much can i make as an seo expert?

how much you can make depends fully on your agreement with company or the business you are promoting on search engine.

if you are very good at these, believe me you should charge a high volume of money when any company/business approaches you to build there online presence. you can charge over $500 per project depending on the company/business.

Selling Personal Products

Selling your personal product as we all know is a great way to start making a little income online.

you can sell physical or digital products online and make all the income for yourself when someone purchase it.

if your website has a high number of visitors, you can write an eBook on a particular topic and start selling it to your readers for a few bucks.

if you think you dont know how to write an eBook or maybe you dont have to start writing one, you can hire a freelancer to write a nice eBook for you.

after that you can now have it for yourself.

you can upload it to your website, place a price on it and make money whenever any of your readers purchase one.

you can as well sell physical products on your website if high percentage of your viewers are from your location or country.

all you have to do is take a high quality pictures of your product and upload it on any platform you are using.

build trust among your viewers and make sure you make this product prices affordable to your readers unless maybe you have observed that your viewers possess a high purchasing power.

How much can you make by selling your own products?

that will surely depend on the prices you tag on your products as well as how many people you where able to convince to purchase this products.

if you have a digital product like eBook and you feel like your website traffic wont guarantee you much sales, you can go ahead a sell your products on Amazon and make your money when people purchase your product.

Amazon is arguable the biggest and most popular store right now.


Becoming a coach is one of the top money making ways online today.

you can start coaching on a topic or subject you are very good at.

you can coach people on hot topics such as relationships, finance, heath, fitness among many others.

As a coach, all you need to do is to set up a novice social media account with your name, pictures and other details that explains you more.

the number one object foe you as a coach will definitely be to build trust among your followers.

you can choose to host your classes offline or online depending on the one that works best for you.

lets say your followers are mostly individuals outside of the country you are residing, you might consider having an online class instead of offline so that they can be able to participate.

how much can i make as a coach?

how much you can make as a coach will highly depend on how much you charge for it.

some coaches charge per 30mins some charge per 24 hours while others even charge per week of there time with you.

it all depend on your viewers and your agreement with them.

you can as well set up a video course and upload it on udemy and set a price on it, then direct your followers to go there and purchase the course.

you make whenecet any of your follwers purchases the course.

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